Make Your Own Path...

Enchanted words to inspire you to confidently travel off-script and create a life of adventure. 

10 Ways to Awaken Your Adventurous Soul Today!

Reconnect with your inner wanderer. Listen to your inquisitive self and find fresh insight for today and energetic expectation for what’s to come. It’s time to welcome the wilds within. Are you ready?

hello friend,

Life doesn't always unfold the way we planned...

Along the way we lose our magic, our flow & creativity, BUt do you hear the invitation to step into the mystery?

For a minute, pause your pursuit of purpose, 

Play with your innovative ideas… 

Tap into the flow of your swirling evolution.

Unearth more of what it means to be you.

There are still surprises, stories, and adventures awaiting you!

Step into nature, take a deep breath, clear your mind, and

explore your life with childlike joy once again!

How would it feel to have an adventure guide of sorts? Someone to come alongside you and whisper a much-needed reminder to go your own way, offer you an infusion of encouragement tailored to your unique journey. 

Schedule a 30-minute session with me, where I hold space for you to let loose, be yourself, & share your current season, story, or creative pursuit without an ounce of judgement. Where are you stuck, discouraged, or lacking inspiration? Where are you desperately wanting to experience the magic of being alive? I want to hear all about it.

Then I’ll craft a heartfelt letter just for you packed with timely, poetic and practical inspiration and invitations to move you forward on your unconventional path!

Lets walk Together

Receive the Weekly-ish

Just for you.

Some Happy Things is an extremely short, weekly-ish letter from me to you as we walk along the way. Consider it a handful of fuel for your adventurous soul, to awaken you to the wonders waiting around every corner.  

You’ll find a curated list of inspiring reads, recommendations, and revelations, to create an adventure you love and build a life that feels like a work of art.