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You’re Invited… A Road Trip With Jesus {Part 3}

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Summer is slowly unfolding in the northern hemisphere, a warm breeze is blowing, delightful smells are in the air, the evenings linger on for friends and evening talks over fresh fruit salad, and there’s a yearning in my spirit that’s causing my heart to beat and burn. 

I’m learning to yield to the spiritual seasons that the Lord brings in my life because, whether they are welcome or not, every season is vitally important to our growth and nourishment.

As I shared earlier this week, adventure’s been knocking. God has been gently revealing some unexpected comfort zones in my life. The sweet whispers and stirrings are indeed from Him and I’m wanting to put my ear up to his heart and hear more. Excuses aside, there’s no better time than now to hit the road and the trails for the next few months with Jesus!

Concerning the details, I don’t know much right now, but I’m preparing myself for what I’d like to call…

a road trip with Jesus.



He’s given me the general direction of where we’re headed, talked to me about some beauty and revelations that we’ll behold along the way, people He wants me to invite, and words and verses that He wants me to cling tightly to as we travel together. 

I’m declaring at least these next few months a road trip because it’s an intentional pulling away, a unique experience in which we back out from the well-worn paths of our normal routines, to give ourselves permission to do things we wouldn’t normally do.

What I love about these kinds of adventure is this: change is inevitable, but feels invisible, slow, and almost natural. He’s not loading me down with plans and agendas. He’s not telling me to imagine gregarious goals or envision lavish dreams.


Instead, the only step-by-step instructions I have are to be with Him every day, quietly and faithfully, and to travel with Him into the overlooked yet scenic and sacred routes of living each day with Him.

I’ve been paying close attention to the desires in my heart to blaze new trails and explore the unknown in my relationship with Jesus, my work, my life, motherhood,marriage, and in essence to

come home…

To genuinely understand who I am and where I belong, by immersing myself fully into His heart and the wonder of my everyday living. 



Here’s the truth about road trips –

they bring fresh perspective,

revive our bodies and our souls,

unveil exciting revelations, and

beckon us into intimacy.

Road trips are also slow on purpose. We become diligent about discovering all the hidden treasures that our life, world, and people have to offer.

There’s nothing like sharing a car with someone for days and weeks on end, getting out of your usual ruts and routines, packing up the bare essentials, and hitting the road early in the morning with a hot drink and a crinkled map in hand.

Trips like these are where spontaneity and planning unite, crazy and quiet collide, and memories and moments will change us forever because we’ve chosen to leave behind what we’ve always known and give ourselves permission to live a little different, chase mystery and messes, and do things we wouldn’t normally do like…

Camp under the stars.

Swim in mountain lakes.

Jump off docks.

Picnic at sunset.

Take too many pictures.

Ponder and reflect without rush or worry. 

Walk slowly.

Leave the phone all day.

Float down rivers.

Take the backroads

Stop at all the pretty viewpoints.

Eat lunch on the side of the road.

Sleep with the smell of campfire still in your hair.

These little patterns and practices we adopt on a road trip are like lamp posts alluring us into a life that our hearts are constantly longing for… a beautiful adventure with Jesus. 



My questions and doubts steal me away from the surprises of simply saying YES to Jesus.

Hebrews 11 lists men and women, just like us, who didn’t sit idle when God spoke but pursued the opportunity to follow Him into the unknown. Their faith inspired impossible actions, crazy reactions, and generations of God followers.

Faith is our fuel for moving forward with Jesus. 

“By an act of faith, Abraham said yes to God’s call to travel to an unknown place that would become his home. When he left he had no idea where he was going.” Hebrews 11: 7 (MSG)

Faith often sounds heroic and flashy. But truthfully, faith is simple and quiet, a soft-landing for our fear-driven hearts. It’s not showy, but seemingly invisible. Faith is abiding with Jesus when no one is looking, it’s the small obedient steps taken when the world is wrapped up in the whirlwind of making more and doing more.


Jesus is inviting us on a road trip where we come to notice and prioritize and praise the unseen, where we learn to feed off the fuel of a vibrant, breathing faith, and give ourselves permission to live, write, create, love and dream for His eyes only.

It is by faith that we are guided to our true home, an adventure that leads us daily to all the goodness and life that God has for us to experience.

Do you hear adventure knocking?

What are those dangerous comfort zones He’s putting His finger on?

How will you respond? 

20160512_200303-01 (1)


Today’s the day! I’m inviting you all to join me for a road trip with Jesus!

I know it to look different for each of us, but the heart of it is the same…

an intentional pulling away, a unique experience in which we back out from the well-worn paths of our normal routines, to give ourselves permission to do things we wouldn’t normally do.

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Traveling with you, 


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