Your Life is Begging to Be Lived

The beauty of life lies in its ability to draw us in until we are over our heads.

But for most of us, myself included, we only skim the surface of our daily existence like bugs on the pond, scurrying everywhere direction but into the water. We don’t know, and we fear, what lies beneath us. We’d rather settle for seeing our own reflection than fall into the dark depths.

For too long, I’ve been scared of being pummeled to the ground by life, knocked down and never able to stand to my feet again by its seemingly unmanageable force. Even worse, I think, what if life sucks me in completely?

I’ve been prone to judge life from afar. I use words like life is brutal, life is harsh, and life is hard. And it can feel like that at times, but once you let life take you in its arms, you realize life, more than anything, is actually kind.

With control as my antidote, I’m good at keeping life an arm’s length away. Just close enough to seem like I am present, yet far enough to make sure I don’t get lost in its mystery or experience the fullness of its vivid colors and dangerous terrains.

But the currents are raging now. I’m not sure if its what happens in mid-life or if it’s God answering my prayers, but either way, I’m facing my fear without any doing of my own.

Life is flaunting her beauty, tempting me to let go… again.

There’s no question, life is moving me, taking me into the unknown. Out here, I’m turning towards what hurts and the hard emotions, and as I do, I’m gaining more capacity to love and be loved.

When we sink beneath the surface of our life we start to see its variety is stunning. Our very own life doesn’t stand a chance against the prettiest gardens or stunning landscapes. Your life wins every time!

The tastes and sights and sounds and experiences life has to offer us are rich and decadent. But so many of us stay composed and polite. Just cut me a tiny slice, I don’t want to indulge in the whole thing.

Indulging equals a loss of self-discipline, doesn’t it? People frown upon that sort of thing.

Too much of a good thing can still be too much, as they say.

But life doesn’t fit into our neat formulas, which only serve to keep us stiff and safe.

It summons us to partake of its raucous feast, to throw ourselves overboard, to lose control. Life isn’t dainty. It’s not petite or quiet.

Life is large and extravagant and over the top. She doesn’t fit any frame we give her.

Life basks in plain sight, spilling her wonder everywhere; we are fools to turn away. Life never tires of asking us to come out and join her adventure.

It’s now or never. But we usually hover on the edge, don’t we? Dipping our toe in, or if we’re really brave, we wade into our waist.

Your life is begging to be lived. But we waste all our energy on resisting it’s invitations through our culturally accepted distractions and busy-ness and our well-designed schedules. I know, I’ve tried it for years, and still do.

Life cannot stay quiet in the corner for too long, its loveliness is everywhere and refuses to remain hidden.

Life wants you to come all the way in and discover the beauty you’ve been too afraid to experience. Just think, your very own life is enticing you to come play in its abundance.

It’s time to say good bye to the surface and to drown in the depths.

Go meet your life. Take it out of the box you’ve put it in. Face it with expectation and a smile. Perhaps, you will finally let it take you where you don’t want to go.

You won’t be disappointed.

“Will you fear missing out on other people’s lives, or will you fear missing out on your own?”

Kate Merrick from Here, Now

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