You Have To Do This

You have to admit your desire to see, to find, to explore the new and also reacquaint yourself with the old.

You have to open the door or crack a window, let the fresh air in and feel the winds of adventure ignite your creativity and set loose your imagination.

You have to follow your heart because, as it turns out, it’s not at all evil or deceived. Far from it actually.

You have to be persistent, no probably just stubborn, and refuse to give up when nothing seems to be turning out the way you envisioned.

You have to relish the hunt and be relentlessly curious about where this will eventually end up.

You have to recognize you don’t know it all, and declare how much you will never understand.

You have to ask millions of questions and sometimes be willing to wait your entire life for any answer.

You have to become proficient in only one language: love.

You have to be like the seven year old who digs for bugs in the dirt everyday, shakes with delight over discovering a tiny frog hidden beneath the grass carpet, and who shares their treasures with anyone who is interested.

Do this and I don’t think you’ll miss a second of your life.

You’ll be present for it all.

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