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Words work magic.

 I concoct powerful potions of words so you can generate natural connections with your clients & enter new realms of joy & ease in your real estate business.

Let me take some of the writing off your plate.

I consider it my job to craft high quality, compelling content to showcase who you are & the unique ways in which you serve your community & clients.

More time to do what lights you up...

and not only that, by collaborating with me you’ll also…

Together, we’ll get clear on your writing needs, then I’ll work tirelessly to ensure the projects I deliver to you capture your personality &  communicate your value and voice in a powerful, memorable way to your present & prospective clients. 

words work magic

"Your true voice is the best way

for your audience to like and trust you. Your voice sets you apart from everyone else…” 

Ann Handley

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Your Personal Writing Companion

It is my passion to come alongside realtors to:
– create captivating and story-driven content,
– help you shine in a saturated industry, 
– boost engagement and build authentic relationships with those in your sphere.  

If we haven’t yet met, I’m Charissa! Energetic mom of 4 wide-eyed (and slightly whiny!) children, adventure-seeker, & word-weaver. You’ll often spot me cruising around my city streets in my whimsical cargo bike with a big smile on my face.  

As your personal writing companion, I’m excited for you to experience firsthand the magic of words to transform your business, by inviting your beloved clients into unforgettable stories that not only appeal to their emotions & spark their curiosity, but also share your smarts and set you apart as their go-to, trusted realtor (& friend) for the long haul! 

Here's how I can help you:

Signature Package: Customized Monthly Newsletter & More

With my signature package we’ll craft engaging monthly newsletters that your clients are actually eager to open and read. Customized to your style, voice, & brand, filled with exciting, valuable, easy-to-read content, they’ll look forward to seeing your name pop up in their inbox every time! 

What’s included:

Mix & Match

here’s another option!

I’d love to work with you on any of these writing projects as well:

– Update online bios (IG, Linkedin, Zillow, etc) 
– Craft taglines & mission statements
– 4 to 6 social media posts per month
– Blog writing
– Rewrite any page of your website copy
– Design a lead magnet/freebie 
– Edit or write marketing materials

Choose from 1-3 of the above optons & we’ll go from there!

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your questions and ideas! I know you have unique needs for your business and I’m ready to listen.

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