Will We Be the Ones Who Take The Long Way Around? (& An Invitation)

The invitation to adventure lands at our feet, and we don’t know what to do with it. Do we ignore it? Save it for later? Give it to someone else? Tuck it away in a notebook? Hide it out of sight?

What would it take for you to open it up and read it?

Perhaps this might help:

You were made to pursue the wild life. This invitation is tapping into the well spring of your secret stirrings.

Our hesitation is only because we know it will lead us in unpopular directions- towards high hills and rocky cliffs. The risk is real. The decisions are weighty. There is no easy way out.

We don’t know where we’ll wind up a year from now. We doubt our ability, strength, expertise, and courage in the face of such uncertainty. But we also aren’t the ones who wait for a short cut to appear or the hack to arrive before we strap on our pack and start walking.

We’ll never stop learning to savor and appreciate the long way around.

We all agree the winding roads have the most surprising outcomes and scenic overlooks.

It’s going to be feel lonely for a time, counter-cultural even, and way too quiet for our liking. Our doubts become trusted friends, unlikely guides into the heart of love. Fear lurks in every veiled mystery, tempting us to turn back, but subtly confirming we are on the best path.

We often wonder why we can’t just hunker down and stay with the pack, follow everyone else’s strategies and sure-fire ways to success.

The familiar, deceptive voice murmurs in our ears, “Why make life more difficult than it already is?

But we cannot curl up here, falling prey to the narrative of ease and letting lethargy creep into our legs. Our story is far from finished.

The invitation is simple, cutting through the disarray and noise of a panicking world.

It asks us to step into the streaming stillness, to consider once again, as impetuous as it may seem, if we might commit again to tend to the seeds of our dormant desires and dare to pursue the wild life?  

To read and print off your invitation to pursue the wild life, head here!

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