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Why Finding Your Pace Is So Important

Earlier this year, I sensed God encouraging me, in an urgent way, to find my pace and start running in it.

Almost without realizing it, I had been trying to keep up with the pack in front of me, unable to catch my breath, pounding along the road at an unhealthy rhythm.

At times, I found myself either looking behind me at who was coming up close on my heels or squinting my eyes to see who was up ahead.

Lagging behind or sprinting forward, sporadic and unsteady, stopping and starting, breathing too hard or my heart barely beating. All signs I was confused about my pace, worried about my place among the other runners. Going too fast or too slow at the wrong times can produce injuries to a runner.

Knowing our pace makes us capable of not only crossing the finish line strong, but enjoying the race too.

In running lingo, there is a tempo we call, “conversation pace.” No matter the distance, the goal of these runs is to be able to talk the whole way, but also sweat too. When we stop talking with each other, we know it is time to pull back and regroup.

There is a conversational pace you were meant to run with God, but how do we find that pace?



In every major road race, there are pace setters. They carry a long stick in their hands with a specific mile pace written across the top waving high for all to see. There is every pace imaginable from 12 minute milers to 6 minute milers. Pace setters are steady and wise, in tune with the rhythms of their body, they don’t allow the throngs of people behind them or passing them to alter their stride. They are confident, determined to keep their pace, and with ease they encourage others to do the same. You can tell they’ve been running for years.

God has a pace set out for you to run in this season of your life.

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Have you considered what it might be?

Perhaps you’ve been hobbling along behind Him, held down my depressive thoughts or lingering issues. Perhaps you’ve been pushing ahead, sweat dripping down your back, anxious about the people you can hear coming up behind you.

But there is a pace for you to run, a pace where you and God can talk and laugh and converse about every detail of life together. This pace yields intimacy with Jesus and ongoing fruitfulness throughout life. We are no longer concerned about our position, place, or performance when compared with others because our only goal is to stay beside Him.

In order to find our conversational pace, we’ve got to go with God down another, quieter path. It’s a path away from the noise and the flow of traffic, where He teaches us to listen to His voice, our breathing, our heart, His heart.

We realize He is our pace setter.

The more confident we become in His love for us- the more natural we settle into our place beside Him, as His delight, and we run through life with bright, focused eyes, strong legs, and the music of His grace moving us along. 


Verses to Ponder: Psalm 46, Psalm 143:8, Proverbs 4:23, Galatians 5:25, Philippians 3:7-14, Philippians 4:11-12, Hebrews 12:1-3

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