When The Earth Becomes a Her (A Love Letter To This Beautiful Planet)

What if we saw the Earth as a living being that has feelings, wants, and needs? If we consider our Earth a living entity rather than merely a commodity, a whole set of new actions arises.”

Todd Wynward, Rewilding the Way

I have never been more in love with this planet called Earth than I am now. She is exquisite.

Why is this always so difficult to notice?

Probably because I am too busy using her to get what I want. The lies of consumerism make me blind to the Earth’s incomparable strength and tenacity. This planet of ours gives and gives, without reservation. I simply cannot look away any longer.

This tiny green and blue globe is my home. There is no where else I’d rather learn to live or love.

Yes, there is division and destruction and disease down here, we all know that from the moment we come out of our mother’s womb screaming. Yet, with open arms we are received into this womb of God.

The Earth is a nurturing, kind, and gentle place, carrying all of humanity pleading with us to treat her with care for she is alive and her groanings are real.

I was scared I would eventually start to despise my planet as I grew older, that I would want nothing to do with her as the hurts and betrayal piled up. But here I am, with fresh resolve, I want my children to grow up with their two tired feet grounded in her rich and gracious soil.  

Her sweet soil is warming now, she’s dawning her Spring cloak in the Northern Hemisphere. She has made ready for us another growing season.

How come I have never stopped to thank her?

The earth lays open, vulnerable for us so we can cultivate and plant our seeds. I don’t want to plunder her anymore. I don’t want to go another second thinking I’m separate from this dear Earth. I am a part of her.

Why do I deny my dependency, my connection to her?

May I never apologize or be ashamed of the truth- I was designed from her sparkling dust.

There is nothing cruel about our world. I’d like to think her wonders are more than merely seven. When I look around my backyard alone, I cannot begin to count the miracles surrounding me. When I gaze across the landscape of my own tiny plot of earth, I see her many gifts, all ways she wants to nurture me with her beauty and wildness. I cannot look away any longer.   

My home isn’t somewhere else, it is here.

What took me so long to say sorry for taking her for granted?

I’m so sorry, Earth, I promise to love you better. You are a good place to grow up.

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