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When Terror Attacks My Hope.

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My hubby pounded quickly down the stairs, “Did you guys hear…”

His voice sounded surprised and slightly frantic.

For a second I imagined what he might say,

Our friends had their baby…

Somebody is getting married…

But instead he spoke of bombs and airports and hurting people.

The kids ran around screaming in delight with their grandparents. While my heart suddenly took a nose dive into sadness.

The sun shone through the window as we prepared to bike into the city to grab cookies and go to the park.

All seemed right in the world…until now.

In that moment I wanted the kids to stop playing, to change our plans {what if something happens in our city today?!}, and to sit and scroll through the news on my phone.

But then I remembered what I wrote a few months ago…when it happened in Paris.  

Lives were shattered, buildings imploded, and blood streaked the streets.

I remember how I wanted to shut my curtains that night and not let anyone in for fear that they might be someone scary, someone out to get us. I didn’t want to face the world or engage in life outside my four walls.


All this terror attacks my hope.

Terror tells us the only way to live is with shut up lives and closed curtains…out of danger, out of reach.

Brussels is closer now than Paris, only 90 minutes by car. They’re moving closer, I think to myself…someday it will be in our neighborhood.

Danger feels like its stretching its fingers far and wide. Leaving no one unscathed. We can’t escape the suffering around us even if we try. It hits to close to home in all of our lives now.

Then, I catch myself making promises… I’m never flying on a plane again.

Someday I’ll have a farm and live out in the middle of nowhere.

Soon, I might vow to never leave the house- stay close and closed in.

Terror wants me to think that life.is.over.


But do you know what’s more dangerous than all the terror?


Hope is dangerously powerful.

Hope resurrects life in the death and darkness. It calls forth newness in the decay all around us.

Instead of staying out of reach, hope reaches out into the pain with promises to keep stepping on planes and into peoples’ lives.  

Hope may not stop the terror from stretching out, but it will stop my soul from choosing isolation and fear.

Hope calls us out into the streets and the suffering and gives us new sight for all the sadness that surrounds us.

Hope is a foreign language for our hearts, let’s learn her words again, so that we might open up our curtains, fling open our doors, and face the world without fear of what will happen tomorrow.  

What if you let hope invade your life and your world, how might it change you and others?

Choosing to learn and live out the words of hope with you,


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