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What I Want to Be Able to Say When I’m 60. {& Giveaway!}

There’s a woman I know and I wish you could meet her too.

She doesn’t have a blog, website, or facebook page.

She lives in an obscure, little village in Austria with her husband.

She loves cooking bacon. She has flowing, long, thick red hair.

She sets up easels in her living room, painting, catching the beauty around her on a canvas.

When you are in her presence you feel comfortable, cared for, and completely at ease.

Did I mention she is in her 60s?


She inspires me. 

And I’ve only met her a handful of times.

But those times were so full that it feels like we’ve known each other for years.

Every encounter with her pulses with story after story. Failed attempts, past mistakes, future dreams, lives changed. Accounts of God’s faithfulness, miracles, His strange stirrings, and surprising works.

Her stories bubble out of inner spring that I want more of.

An inner spring that comes from the daily walking in and with the Holy Spirit in every detail of her life.

Her faith is not a doctrine or crutch. Her love for God isn’t a theory or a duty. Her belief in Jesus isn’t mere words or head knowledge.

Her faith is vibrant and real. Talking with her feels like Jesus is tangible, sitting in the room drinking coffee with us. Praying with her is even better!

Jesus is part of her everyday life, like cooking bacon, painting, and talking with the villagers.

She inspires me to know Jesus more intimately that I can probably imagine at this point in my life. 


She also invites me. 

When I asked her what the best days of her life have been she says without hesitation, “Now!”

I will never forget when she said that. Ever.

I want to be able to say that when I’m 60 too.

And I know that is only going to happen if I choose follow the Holy Spirit in every detail of my life, making it my purest joy and ultimate delight to do life with Him.

And I’ve learned that from her. 

Through her open heart and open home, she invites me into the beauty and mystery of following Jesus, recognizing that life with Him is never boring, but somehow only gets more exciting! 


If you want to stay young, healthy, energetic, full of life and vigor in every season of life, then keep saying YES to His adventures. Whether it’s moving to a village with cobble stone paths in Europe, or cooking bacon for friends on Saturday morning, following Jesus makes your best days the ones you are living right now.

Living an inspiring and inviting life has NOTHING to do with your career, status, influence, platform, success, beauty, or possessions.

Living and inspiring and inviting life comes from loving God and loving people extravagantly in your everyday, normal days…in secret.

This kind of life speaks to hundreds, thousands, millions. It bubbles. It bursts. It bleeds…Jesus. People see you and they see Jesus. They can’t help but be invited into and inspired to live a bigger story! 

Who are the people in your life that inspire and invite you to truly LIVE? 

Leave a comment {by midnight PST} and you’ll be entered to win a 40 Day Art of Adventure journal for both of you! 


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