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12 Things I Learned In 2015.

2015 collage blog pic

Taking time to look back over the last year only gets me more excited about what 2016 holds! As you scan through these lessons I learned last year, it is my prayer that God will spark your heart for your year ahead…that you will be filled with expectancy and excitement to take His hand and follow Him into a beautiful adventure! 

January: Adventure is always within arms reach.

In January of last year I took a huge risk, and tried something I’d never done before- I created and designed the first ever Practicing the Art of Adventure Journals, then started to share them with the world in March. From this step out of my comfort zone I learned that indeed adventure is always within arms reach. There are so many ways the Lord wants to invite us to step out with Him this year and we need not look any further than here…what’s in our hands & in our heart. 

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February: Our limitations are actually an invitation to step into an adventure that is beyond us. 20150211_125913

For the first part of 2015, I adjusted to not only living in a foreign country but also being a new mama of two. I felt lodged under my limitations. Each night I would lay my head on my pillow exhausted from just another routine day of motherhood and life, with a long list of want-to’s still ticking in my head. But then the Lord so graciously began to uncover the treasure found within my limitations. I wasn’t made to do it all. 

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March: Sometimes our most powerful prayers are uttered within the patterns and paths of our everyday life. 


Motherhood took me out of my well-organized, tidy spirituality and into something that was much more messy and uncomfortable. Honestly, I wondered most days if God still loved me for my lack of beautiful prayers and lengthy quiet times. But alas, God in all his goodness, helped me to discover and learn how to pray in my everyday life.

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April: God loves me- no.matter.what.


It’s almost embarrassing to admit, but I know I’m not alone on this…I struggle to know that God really really REALLY loves me. I thought perhaps in 2015 I wouldn’t need to learn that lesson again. But God’s love is deep friends. We will never come to the end of it! Therefore, I believe each and every year He wants to help us swim out further into his heart. At our ugliest and most broken he still pursues us madly. We are never disqualified from following Him, we are always good enough in His sight. 

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May: Worship is doing ALL of life with God. 


Perhaps one of my favorite lessons & posts from 2015! Here’s an excerpt: 

For the first time in my life, I am {really and truly!} realizing worship is not just about singing along to songs, it’s about making up my own.

I am awakening to the truth that worship is not about kneeling in a church or beside my bed, it’s about bending low with my whole life, and sometimes that means sitting on my knees by the bathtub scrubbing dirt from David’s feet.

I am starting to believe that worship isn’t an event that we plan, a quiet evening with candles, worship is also a house full of loved kids and exhausted parents.

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June: Always embrace change. 


Reflecting again on all the beauty and blessings that change can bring into my life. Be encouraged, that with God, every change He brings will take us into an even more full and abundant life. I’ve struggled to believe this my entire life, but every year I look back and realize change actually means more of God’s goodness is about to revealed. 

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July: Be uncalculated & a little wild!

tears hair and oil

This beautiful story captured my heart this year! A woman who got messy with Jesus and let go of perfection and performance. So exactly what I needed to remember in 2015 and I’m sure this year too. In so many ways, I live a fearful, calculated life, trying with all my might to eliminate risk! Let’s step out of our comfort zones and run to Jesus like this woman did. 

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August: Go on Creative Dates With God


In my deep longing for intimacy with Jesus this year, I discovered the secret of seeing my one-on-one times with Him just like a date. There are so many ways you and I can interact and connect with God! I grew hungry this year to share my heart with Jesus in new ways, to get creative with Him, and not just settle into a routine. I hope 2016 includes many more dates with Jesus! 

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September: Grief & depression are a part of life, but not the end.


I quietly struggled with depression and grief for our entire first year in the Netherlands. In September, after nearly a full year of living here I finally felt a shift in my heart. God began to give me new hope and perspective on our lives here. To be honest, I struggle with feelings of depression alot, but may I encourage you that God is so faithful to not only to take us through those times, but teach us so much about Himself. 

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October: I need to rest in my husband’s arms more.


Also another one of my favorite revelations and posts from 2015! Here’s an excerpt: 

God’s embrace is not something we have to beg for or seek, He isn’t moody or busy like me, He is always waiting for us to come…

To come into complete rest. To sink into His embrace and let all the others things of life fade away. To sit close enough to hear His heartbeat and smell His cologne (I’m sure God smells good!). To let Him wrap us up in the truth of our identity, purpose, and beauty.

To come and… stay there forever.

Let yourself nestle up close to God today, even if you’ve got other plans…

I am thankful for a husband who is always ready to gather me into his arms and to imagine… that God is even more like this! 

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November: Never let the evil of the world crowd out my hope in Jesus.


We live only a few short hours from Paris. After the string of terrorist attacks in November around the world and one that hit a little too close to home, fear felt like it was literally knocking on my front door. 

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December: The greatest risk we could ever take with our lives is LOVE.

adventurer (1)

I did an advent series this year, sharing what some of the characters in the advent story have to teach us about living everyday with the heart of an {advent}urer. This one on Jesus has been ruminating in my Spirit for months now. I am excited to continue to take the risk of love this year and discover how loving God and loving people is where the most beautiful adventure happens! (see below!)

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You Are Invited…

If you’re ready to take an adventure with Jesus {and those in your midst!} this year then join us as we travel deeper into His heart and take the greatest risk of all- loving Him and loving others with extravagance! It’s going to be a beautiful love adventure. 

Join here for monthly encouragement to live out this adventure of love!

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