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What Happens When We Walk In The Wild & Wonder-Filled Leading of the Holy Spirit {Part 2}


How often do we get told that knowing our identity in Christ comes in memorizing scripture, posting encouraging words on our windows, or reading books on the topic? When actually our true identity as His children is unveiled as we work with our hands and throw ourselves into our mundane routines and rhythms.

I believe that adventure is rooted here: abandoning ourselves to the wild leading of the Holy Spirit in our everyday life because as we do we discover the fullness of our identity as His children.

I’m beginning to realize that the Holy Spirit isn’t leading me away from my everyday life, but closer to it. He is calling me to look underneath and amidst the dust and dirt of my days and discover the presence of the living God in my living room or while eating my lunch.

It may not be the glamorous adventure I dreamed of, but it sure is glorious.

When I, often reluctantly, say yes to my normal life, God unveils another layer of His love for me, taking me deeper into my identity as His child. Indeed, He doesn’t love us because of where we go or what we do, He isn’t measuring the amount of risk involved in our life, or calculating how many steps out of our comfort zone we’ve taken this month.


Wanderlust is defined as someone who has a very strong desire to travel. I think we all have wanderlust swirling around in our soul.

Each one of us longs to see beautiful scenery, travel to other countries, try new things, and be different people. We desire to travel out from the spaces of our familiar confines and community.

Wanderlust lurks within us.

Its presence can feel frustrating especially when we feel stuck in the sameness of our everyday lives. But this inevitable desire within us to travel comes from a deeper longing to traverse the trails of God’s heart, practicing free and full living, becoming all that He’s destined for us to be…to have wonderlust.

Wonderlust is to be obsessed with discovering God’s glory in our everyday. To realize our mornings, noons, and evenings are the perfect conduits of God’s presence. To practice paying attention to the maps His Holy Spirit makes in the mundane that lead us to the treasures of His heart. Wonderlust is being unashamedly consumed with seeing the new in us and around us each day.   

Wonder is a state of mind in which the sight and senses are wholly engaged in what is before them. Wonder reveals the world as the miracle it is because it intensely focuses our eyes on what is before us…We may “see” these things every day, but our eyes are often restless, our minds preoccupied; we seldom truly look. Wonder helps us to notice with quiet, focused attention that helps us perceive the inherent, unique beauty of the people and the world around us. Sarah Clarkson, The Life-Giving Home



Today is where adventure begins. Let your heart fess up to its wonderlust desires and give yourself permission to walk in the adventure before you today. Wonderlust is quiet and humble as it seeps out from the soil of our heart. It doesn’t need photos or fanfare, applause or achievement.

Wonderlust finds complete fulfillment in walking with expectation through the once normal days and the dull neighborhoods.

My heart is longing to have an adventure, to get dirty, sweaty, tired, to feel alive and new because I’ve explored the earth under my feet, dug for treasures in my today, and trusted God wildly in the realm of my impossibility, camping out in the beautiful land of His love.

Much to my surprise, I’m finding when I follow the Holy Spirit’s mysterious leading in the detail of my days is when I become more fully myself; my wanderlust cravings are satisfied.

He directs me to slow down and get back to the kind of living that grows my sensitivity to His voice.  

He reminds me to not wait until I have another job, my kids are older, or we buy a home with acreage to find the adventure He’s designed for me. 

He encourages me to try new things that I didn’t think I was cut out to do so I can get to know the One who cut me from the very fabric of His heart.

He convicts me to step away from the phone, the fast, and the frenzies and to create in the kitchen, in the yard, or on the canvas.


To be continued…

Who would have thought that getting dirt and dough under my nails, sweaty palms from running the streets, tired arms from holding heavy babies, paint on my fingers, and folded hands in prayer was all that God needed to keep me fit for the real adventure of dancing freely in His Spirit through the wildflowers of my ordinary life.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing 6 practical habits we can build into our lives to be fit for adventure!

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