Unforgettable Books From January 2024

From the 14 books I read and listened to in January, there were 4 that rocked my heart ever so gently between tears and joy. They riveted me from page one! I surrendered myself to the colorful cast of wise and captivating characters. The fast-moving storylines pulled me in and I couldn’t look away.

These books held me close as I experienced the full range of human emotions throughout their pages.

Saving Us filled me with hopeful rage and stirred in me a fierce devotion to take the simplest actions toward living sustainably and to deem these acts as significant despite the word “crisis” accompanying anything climate-related. It was both surprising and relieving to read about the author’s insistence on the miraculous good that can come from merely talking about Earth’s feverish predicament with those around us.

Anthony Ray Hinton captured my heart from chapter one. I sat speechless with him on death row as we waited for justice…30 hellish years.

I wept with him at the news of his sweet mom, banged on the walls and yelled at the top of my lungs for the other inmates when they were toted off to breathe their last, and danced in the rain like it was my first time feeling its cool wet sting on my face.

I will remember this book forever.

Then there were Kate and Nora’s gripping stories of love and loss. I was delighted to follow them down the winding road of their fictitious lives and peek into their secret struggles and complicated emotions. From the onset of their stories, I adopted them as my girlfriends and we clung together through all the nauseating twists and turns of life. I didn’t want to leave them in the pages but did so knowing they were cheering me on into my next chapter, encouraging me to watch more sunsets, part with old scripts, and never stop fighting to release the next iteration of myself into the world.


Tell me one book you hope to never want to forget?

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