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Two Books You Must Read {& Giveaway!)

Sara Hagerty is a women I deeply respect and admire. Today, I’m sharing with you an excerpt from her book, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet.  I read this book a year ago and it riveted me from beginning to end. Her words had me drowning in a desire to seek Jesus more intimately than I ever have before. The wisdom Sara draws from her unique experiences with God is meant for us all!

I’m so excited to be giving away THREE copies of her book, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet!  All you need to do is leave a comment at the end of this post. {Giveaway closes Friday, July 7th}

{Excerpt from Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, taken with permission from the author}

I knew that my womb wasn’t the only thing barren. My inability to respond with trust, to lean, to rest peacefully in what God could  do, but hadn’t  done, exposed me. My instant response to that moment over my bathroom sink, to many moments like it, was far from eyes-on-Him. Instead of saying, Show me Yourself,  I asked, Why haven’t You healed me?  Instead of saying, Show me the Daddy side of You,  I asked, Why aren’t You Daddy to me?  Instead of saying, Show me Yourself as Comforter of those in pain,  I asked,Why all the pain?

My questions revealed my resistance to the vulnerability God loves. If I’d let it, weakness would continue to produce a need in me that would draw me nearer to Him.

I had surely grown since that first negative pregnancy test, but there was still so much more of God to discover. Barrenness, like nothing else, reminded me how far I was from believing the truths about God that I proclaimed, how far I was from leaning against Him in the way I wanted a baby to lean against me.

Yet He seemed to have ordained the emptiness every month’s not-yet created in my understanding. He seemed to be in the hunger itself.

There has to be more here,  I finally breathed, forehead to my knees.

I barely know You, I whispered within, loosening my grip.


Bible-believing brothers and sisters stake their theological claims about healing all over the map, all over His Word. I’ve tried many of those theories on for size and am learning that the theologies that stand are those that are both rooted in His Word and not only said but worn. They foster new growth when everything you’ve preached is challenged underneath the skin of your life.

The question of pain; it’s buried deep in my bones. It is  my story, though I’ve barely traveled the circumference that others have, not even to the half. But God wants me to know the nearness of Him in response to the deepest questions of my story, the kind of nearness that, when realized, heals.

Many of us, with bodies broken, find comfort by accepting what we’ve loosely defined as God’s sovereignty. After all, hope is awkward in a life of living by sight. It’s messy. It’s vulnerable.

At times it’s easier to accept a diagnosis than to believe He can heal. To know Him as Healer requires me to be always asking. To know Him as Healer requires me to stay, longer than I’d like to, as one in need of healing.

For those of us wanting to escape the tension of hope, too often we cease to think of God’s sovereignty as “He will decide” and instead come to think of it as “Here I am, forced into this position by a greater power.”

My form of pain held a monthly reckoning with this question: What does God do when a body breaks? But God was healing me even while I waited on His healing.

When I ask, How much of my broken body and broken life do I accept as lasting forever?  the God who is sovereign over my story whispered, Be near to Me.  When I ask, What if I pray, seek, and ask, and You don’t heal me?  He answered with a dream for me that is far beyond what I’d whittled down for myself.

To know God as Healer is a relationship, not a moment. Search Me out, He says. There is always more to Me to be found.

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Also, Sara Hagerty’s newest book releases this August. It is titled, Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden In A World That Loves To Be Noticed.  The message of this book deeply resonates with my heart in ways I cannot express. It is a prophetic and timely message for our culture today. After being a part of Sara’s Unseen Way group this past month, I can assure you this message will change you and cause you to move in a new direction with God…to embrace an unseen adventure. 
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  1. I just discovered your blog a couple weeks ago and it has been a HUGE encouragement to me. Thank you! God is speaking through the words you write.

  2. Wow that speaks to my soul. “To know Him as Healer requires me to stay, longer than I’d like to, as one in need of healing”– this requires so much vulnerability and patience but would be so fruitful. Thanks for sharing this excerpt!

  3. I’d love to dive into this book and like you, drown myself “in a desire to seek Jesus more intimately than I ever have before” <3

    p.s I love getting your newsletters in my inbox

  4. Thank you for sharing Sara’s book ” Every Bitter Thing is Sweet”. I’m in a similar type season and reading Sara’s words made say, Wow! I’ve asked the same type questions of God”. I’m going to check out her new book too. The title really caught my attention. Thanks again for sharing! Thanks for encouraging us and sharing your gifting!