Throw Yourself A Party Right Now.

Please don’t give up on yourself.

Commit to relentlessly caring for and staying interested in who you are becoming, an expert tour guide of your inner landscapes. Explore the edges of your existence with excitement. Confusion is a given, but your success is inevitable, bound up in every step you take, no matter the direction. 

You are different than you were yesterday, so light a candle to celebrate your evolution, birthdays happen more than once a year.

What gifts will you bring to the table today? 

Shower yourself with ridiculous amounts of forgiveness. 

Unwrap your radiance and give yourself permission to shine brighter and be bolder. 

Taste your desires, savoring each one for the way it leads you. 

Feast on your own fecundity, even on your worst days you still vibrate with life.

Open up and receive the treasures of a generous Universe, there are millions, let gratitude be your first language again.

Sing out well wishes over your spirit, and speak life into your secret dreams. 

With a little smirk, blow at the candle, mark this day as special.

Make it a habit to throw a party for yourself every day. Send the invitations out to your heart. Be the hospitable host you’ve always wanted. Welcome yourself with adoring praise.

If it feels silly and unreasonable and over the top, then you’re doing it right. There’s never a day you don’t need the reminder of how incredible you are. 

Don’t give up on yourself. Light the candle. Make a wish.

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