This Is What I Won’t Do.

I won’t motivate you to race from point A to point B gripping 10 goals in your sweaty hands, but I promise you’ll find rest as you unearth your innate resilience and creative power. We’ll listen together to the whispers of your inner wanderer while you whack down your path through the pristine wilderness.

You’re being wooed deeper into the essence of your soul.  

We won’t map out every step toward some preferred destination, but we’ll sit together on the bench or in the trench and celebrate what we can see from here.

This simple gift of presence ignites new levels of vulnerability in both of us. We trust the themes of your unique season will float to the surface in the stories. You’ll release a sigh of relief…this chapter won’t last forever. The pages will turn.

I’ll accompany you as the transitions unfurl, your evolution swirls, and the uncertain path looms. We’ll discover your pace and natural rhythms, so you can breathe easier and embrace beauty today.

You aren’t a project waiting to be fixed or prodded toward some better version of yourself.

I believe you will flourish, with no finish line in sight.

You can sink fully into this moment, furthermore, I bet you can spot the million ways you’re already doing a damn good job.

I will be an adventure companion, holding out a flickering lantern. I won’t let you forget who you are and how far you’ve come. I won’t stop encouraging you to be re-enchanted with your everyday existence.

“Love is an environment more than a set of principles. An environment that, simply by existing, draws out another into his or her fullness.”

Roger Housden, from Ten Poems to Open Your Heart


It is my absolute joy to invite you to the Re-Enchantment Sessions & Letters!

We will have 30 minutes together. I’ll hold a non-judgy, brave and beautiful space for you to share about a specific season or circumstance you’re experiencing, a new/different phase of life you’re entering, or a creative project you’re pursuing.

Where you need an infusion of wonder and curiosity again?

You’ll feel the power of having a witness and companion alongside you as you process and wander down your path.

It’s exhilarating and inspiring to know you’re heard and seen and… not crazy!

AND then…

I’ll pen a letter just for you and where you’re at.

An encouragement elixir filled with words you can tuck away and keep as you walk forward (or in circles sometimes) into your mysterious life…reminders of the magic within you and around you!

Also included are:

– personal poetic & practical resource recommendations… tailored to you based on our conversation together.

-You can expect books, relevant quotes, podcast episodes, and magical potions (prompts for journaling, reflection, or while you’re out in nature)

– Plus a few other little surprises!

Consider it not just a letter, but your own customized adventure-encouragement-in-a-box (Which will come via 🐌 mail!)

Your heart will be filled with confidence and enthusiasm for whatever it is you’re currently walking through!

Looking forward to traveling with you.

Here’s the link to schedule our time together: Re-Enchantment Sessions & Letters

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