This Is All You Have To Do.

You don’t have to inspire people and be full of energetic pep, a bright star explosion of power and color.

You don’t have to work at a real job and finally squirrel away money for your gray-haired era.

You don’t need to have a miraculous transformational story and make sure you are nothing like you were a few years ago.

You don’t have to excel and succeed, break your personal records, and make your humanity a DIY project.

You don’t have to think positive, pretend your happy, live with purpose, see the glass half full, and eat affirmations for breakfast.

You don’t have to hide the hurt, keep the tears dammed up and yourself delirious.

You don’t have to know what’s next, plan your days down to the minute, or set lofty goals for an adventurous year.

You don’t have to believe in God, form your opinions on eternity, or enter a church building with the spiritual pilgrims.

You don’t have to dilute your feelings, diminish your intuition, or decrease your passion.

You don’t have to kick yourself for daydreaming again, staring out the window at the birds, wondering when you will find your wings.

You don’t have to escape into smallness, or ignore the pain in your screaming legs begging you to stretch.

You don’t have to control or cram or coerce yourself anymore in any way.

All you really have to do

is love

yourself with

wild abandon. This love

is dangerous and delicate.


Throw your

arms around yourself

like you’re meeting

for the first time.


Shower yourself with

bouquets of roses and kisses of belonging and

the kind

of romance

you’ve only ever

wondered about and

wished for when you were

still young and reckless and pure.


Gaze into your own gorgeous eyes

until they burn with

fervent desire. Until an

unruly eagerness

overtakes you and all you want to do

is be here, with her,

forever, listening intently to

her soft voice.

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