The Gift For *Those* Days

My life is not perfect, but sometimes I want others to think it is.

I want to create and uphold an image that makes me look good, strong, and put together. An image that proves my children are well-behaved, my house is tidy, and my heart is always on fire for Jesus and my husband.

I don’t think I’m alone on this one…

We all want to put our best face forward and there’s nothing wrong with that! We want people to like us, to be the person that is easy-going and upbeat, always cheerful and encouraging. So we show the world the pictures where we are hugging those we love and having good hair days.

But what about the other days…the ugly, messy days?

What if you or I hit a string of solid difficult, stretching days; a season where those days feel more like the norm than the exception?

What do we do with ourselves then?





If we equate beauty with having it all together, being strong, perfect, and stable, then we will surely crumble into a heap of tears and misery.

We will feel alone and afraid. We will run and hide because showing up like that is surely not displaying strength or maturity. We will shrink back on those days and in the process miss out on, I think, one God’s greatest gifts to you and me.

I want to challenge us to see those days differently, and ultimately to see ourselves differently.  

The days with unanswerable questions and unexplainable tears. The days where you wonder what God is doing and where this adventure is leading, or when motherhood and marriage are more work than enjoyment.

What if we believed that within those sometimes dark and difficult days that there was a gift?

It’s time to give ourselves and others the freedom to have those days and to talk about them. To give each other the space to say, “Everything is not okay, and here’s why…” and then to actually just listen instead of trying to fix.

I think God has a gift, in the dirt and grime of life, that He wants us to unwrap…

grace. His grace. 



His grace calls us beautiful and okay and loved even on those days. You know the ones…we all have them.

His graces beckons us to be real and genuine, sincere and honest, even about those days- where we yell at our husbands or our kids, the days where we wallow in self-pity and can’t stand to even be around ourselves.

His grace encourages us to keep on going when we feel like complaining or crying the whole day.

His grace gives us a different lens through which to view life.

Life doesn’t become beautiful when…

we have a successful business to talk about, a perfect and healthy marriage, a perfect community of friends that we feel deeply connected to, children who giggle and play the whole day, or when we finally have energy and passion bursting through our veins.


What if we really got this- that beauty is not found in our perfection, strength, or put- together houses or hearts? God’s grace is most evident when we feel weak and totally insufficient.

What if we gave ourselves and others the freedom to have and to speak about those days? What if we reminded ourselves and others to unwrap the extreme beauty and the extravagant grace of God even more so on those days?

What then? Would we all turn into a bunch of negative, complaining people that nobody wants to be around? We could.

But that’s where God’s grace keeps giving! This is where we have to trust that opening up our heart and sharing, and allowing people to do the same, will lead us out into an ocean of grace. 

The ocean of grace where we learn how to truly praise and thank God even when nothing is going our way. The ocean of grace where the waves feel like they are slamming us, but actually they are refining us and making us stronger. The ocean of grace where we will feel like we are drowning but where God is teaching us how to depend on Him alone.

This is the gift for those days – an experience with the ocean of His grace.  

So go ahead, dive in, and experience His overwhelming, all-sufficient grace where you need it the most and then encourage someone else to do the same!




Will you join me in unwrapping God’s gift of grace {an ocean of grace!} this weekend, as if it was the very first time you’ve ever experienced it? There’s no end to the beauty of His grace.


“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.  2 Cor. 12:9

“What is grace? It is God’s provision for our every need when we need it.”

“The greater the degree that we sense our weakness, the more we will be ready to experience God’s power.” Soniclight Commentary on 2 Corinthians

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