The Worship Night That Never Happened

We laid on David’s bedroom floor, that’s all the energy we had. Zoe discovering new treasures in her brother’s toy box and David bouncing wildly on his bed. After dinner is the home stretch. We have to dip into the reserves and give it all we have left, and on most evenings it’s not much.

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That night we had the grand idea of doing a family worship night in our living room. It’s laughable really, with a one and a two year old in tow. But in all seriousness we were hungry to sing our hearts out to God, to explode with praise for His provision in our lives, to give Him adoration simply because He is God and He is good.

Well, it never happened.

Fast forward through the bedtime routine, after the baths and the diaper changes, the toddler chatter and the baby’s wails, and there you’d find us… on the floor. At one point the worship music was actually going, but five seconds after it started playing David was throwing a tantrum for some unknown reason and Zoe was wriggling out of my arms, uncomfortable and irritable.

We tried and failed…and decided to give it a go another night when we felt more energized and inspired.


It wasn’t until later, after I curled under my covers, soaking in the stillness, and wishing that it would last forever, that I realized we worshiped that night. Unbeknownst to me, our little loud and chaotic family was giving praise to God. Hidden beneath the bedtime routine- the baths, the stories, and the songs. Underneath all the screaming and the tears, the winding toddler tales, and our baby girl finding her feet. Inside the four walls of our messy home, the smell of dinner wafting through the house, the sticky chunks of food leftover on the table, and the toys scattered over every room of the house…

I began to notice it.



As I replayed the day in my mind, God showed me…


It happened as we knelt beside the bathtub with soapy hands and splashing children.

I saw it as we lay on the ground worn out and exhausted from a full day of living and giving.

I noticed it as we got down to look David in the eye and hold his hands to speak love into his heart.

It was there when we bent low to rescue and comfort Zoe from yet another fall on the tile floor.

It happened when we sat and played with trains and built tractors and could only sigh and play along.

There was worship as we walked together to the park and pushed David on the swings.


For the first time in my life, I am {really and truly!} realizing worship is not just about singing along to songs, it’s about making up my own.

I am awakening to the truth that worship is not about kneeling in a church or beside my bed, it’s about bending low with my whole life, and sometimes that means sitting on my knees by the bathtub scrubbing dirt from David’s feet.

I am starting to believe that worship isn’t an event that we plan, a quiet evening with candles, worship is also a house full of loved kids and exhausted parents.

It still seems foreign to me, this way of worshiping God. Don’t get me wrong, I still get the quiet and candles. I’m still ushered into intimacy with God through songs and surrender. I haven’t stopped worshiping Him that way. It’s just that worship has always been so formal for me. But worship is rich and deep and cannot be contained in a church service or a closet quiet time with Jesus. Worship is doing all of life with God.


Worship is landing in bed after a long day and jumping under the covers of His grace.

Worship is living our life in constant awareness and response to His extravagant love for us.

Worship leads us into an everyday adventure because we realize that God is here and now and waiting for us to bend low with our lives- stooping in humility to love Him and love others with all of our heart, wherever we are.

Worship is being able to see God even from the bedroom floor of my toddler’s room, when my well-meaning spiritual attempts to worship Him seem to fail.  

I bet, if you pay attention throughout your day, you’ll see it too… the worship. It’s flowing out of you, it’s rising up from your house and your heart. You were created to worship even when you don’t feel like it or have the energy for it. Worship is hiding in your day, will you notice it…will you hear the song even in the surprising places?





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