The Only Map To Joy

I bet joy is closer and more accessible than you think it is.

Did you know you can reach into your pocket and pull it out like you would with your phone? Even better, you can stare into the face of joy and instead of feeling tempted to scroll you will the urge to celebrate where you are and how far you’ve come.

Joy is on tap for you today my friend.

Joy is already flowing in you. It has no paywalls or prerequisites.

We tend to think about joy like an exotic travel destination. Perhaps, someday when all my finances and home renovations and relationships are in order, once I’ve met my goals and pursued my dreams, then I’ll have time for joy.

With this perspective, joy becomes a place we go outside of our normal routine rather than who we are.

Joy is already embedded in our system, fresh and soul-sourced, ready for us to call upon at any time.

With us since the womb, joy takes up permanent residence inside our body. The very fibers of our being flow with an insatiable desire to experience life in all its fullness.

We entered the world without a weight upon our shoulders, joy already showing us how to walk lightly.

Our original way of waking was with a celebratory heart, an undimmable radiance and endless excitement woven through the web of our relationships and routines.

Our loose and loud laugh hasn’t left us either, it’s still there waiting to be roused, real and easy to come by like it was when we were a child.

The only map to joy is looking into the mirror- trace the smile across your face, feel the beating of your heart, love the creases on your skin.

Joy isn’t accessed through another person, a blissful moment, a perfect outcome, a glorious surprise, or a bundle of achievements. Joy is remembering who you are and everything you are becoming.

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