The Most Dangerous Part of My Day

This morning, like I do every morning, I went downstairs poured myself a bowl of cereal and propped myself on the couch with my breakfast and my bible. This is perhaps one of the most treasured parts of the day. The sun is still sleeping and so are my kids. It feels as if God and I are the only ones awake in the world.

But I’ll let you in a little secret, I also get a nervous with the dawning of each new day. An expectancy rises in my heart because I know God will speak and…

I’m not always sure what He’s going to say. What if it’s something I don’t want to do? What if it’s something I can’t do?

Today was no different.


Abiding with Jesus is not a passive activity by any means. Abiding is waking up our spirits to the reality of Jesus in our midst, and walking into the depths of His heart. The adventure of abiding with Him is not as safe as we’ve made it out to be.

Sure it may include studying the bible, waiting in prayer, silencing our busy minds, but it doesn’t end there. Abiding is not a once off to-do every morning or evening, but a constant realigning of our lives and hearts to Jesus.

The adventure of abiding with Jesus, traveling deeper into His heart, is not safe.

Or in the words of Bob Sorge, “Do something dangerous. Get alone with God!”  

You and I will not always feel comfortable in this adventure of abiding because taking ourselves into His presence means giving Him permission to shake us up.

Abiding with Jesus Christ always equals change.



So back to this morning.

God and I, nobody else. His words popping off the page as I crunch on my cornflakes. They are piercing my heart, strangely comforting, and stirring me up to seek Him. It’s as if He’s right there with His arms around my shoulder.

And then it comes, like it always does.

His strong and loving call to action.

Abiding always leads to action.

It might be a small change, a next step, an invitation to try something different…

But all the while, He’s holding out His hand and a bouquet of roses with that wild look in His eyes. He motivates us through His passionate, “hesed” love. A love that is unconditional, unending, forever, always, deeply romantic and intimate.

It is here in the adventure of abiding where we…

Leave our idols in the dirt

Abandon what we’ve always known

Sink our self-centeredness into the sea of His love

Imagine a life fully surrendered to His hands

And take the next step into a life of freedom and wholeness.

Our quiet times are dangerous friends, in the best way possible. They shake us out of our false comforts and securities, inviting us to fall headlong into His love.

Sadly, we ignore His invitations that always come when we abide. We get impatient and bored in His presence. We are held captive by our productive lists of to-dos, or distracted by other affections. We get fearful of what He might say if we take up residence in His presence.

Does He actually have the best in mind for us?


Yes, yes, yes He does.

I don’t always believe that. So I run from Him instead of abide with Him. I choose to find adventure in other places besides in His presence.

But today, I said “Yes God.” Yes to the invitation to come out deeper, leave my treasured trinket idols in the dirt and curl up into His arms.

And can I tell you something…

The secrets found as we step into His heart and choose to know Him more intimately are worth uncovering! Abiding with Jesus inspires radical movements that are beyond us. We become motivated by a passionate love instead of hasty ambition. From this place, He changes us and the world!

So get your breakfast, your bible, and begin to believe that the adventure of abiding in His presence is the exact place where you are most free and alive!


How do you abide with Jesus in your days?
In what ways is He inviting you to come out deeper…are you saying yes?




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There are three new journals, each one a different adventure we are invited into with God. Today I am highlighting The Adventure of Abiding with Jesus journal. It is my prayer that through this guided journal, filled with creative questions and prompts, you will make abiding with Jesus a daily rhythm in your life. That you will begin to say Yes everyday to the dangerous and exciting adventure of abiding with Him…the place where you are invited to change and compelled to action as you fall into His wildly, passionate love for you!

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