Advent Series


The Heart of An Everyday {Advent}urer!

Ever since I was a child I have loved the season of advent!

But I believe advent is more than just a season in December, or the only time during the year when we intentionally ready our hearts for Jesus and reflect upon and anticipate His coming.

What if we lived with a continual heart of advent? Could we even handle it? Would our heart burst with all the excitement and the expectancy?

Will you join me every Monday for the next four weeks here on the blog? I’m so excited to explore the lives of four different people in the Advent story and what they reveal to us about living with the heart of an everyday {advent}urer and celebrating Advent everyday of the year! 

To think that God stepped foot onto this dusty earth to pursue our hearts, to become God with us, makes me shudder. That truth alone is hard to believe,my heart has trouble comprehending such a curtain-tearing, reckless, wild love. And then to think…

God didn’t just stop there.

He walks into our everyday lives again and again and again, beckoning us to stop, prepare, see, and live differently.


For me, Advent can hardly be just a season. It is a state of our heart as a God- adventurer. We anticipate, look for, and with big, wide-eyed wonder we watch and wait for Him to come. We make room for Him to arrive in our home and in our hearts.

What if we kept our heart in advent?

I have a hunch that we would turn into {advent}urers because we would hear His invitation to see and live everyday as an opportunity to be expectant & excited for Jesus-Emmanuel, God with us-to step foot into our messy & mundane lives.

Indeed adventure is here, today, in our midst.

Come back here tomorrow and join me for an up close look at the heart of an everyday adventurer!

{oh, and there’ll be a giveaway each week too of some of my favorite things that help me embrace advent everyday of the year!}

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