Some Good News If You’re Addicted To Your Phone or Anything For That Matter.

If you’re worried you’re spending too much time on your phone, you might be.

But please don’t stress about it.

We’re only hurting ourselves more when we worry and boy does the world want us to worry about screen time and phones and artificial intelligence and decreasing attention spans and our disconnection to nature.

The list of things we need to manage and take control of just keeps growing, doesn’t it?

I feel the pressure to be perfectly balanced in all The Areas- nutrition, exercise, rest, work, play, possessions, relationships, vacation time, cleanliness of my house, phone usage.

If we aren’t making conscious, intentional, mindful choices, then we’re brainless zombies or calloused, detached humans on autopilot and most likely falling into the trap of doing too much and simultaneously not doing enough in one area or another.

I’d like to think we are crooked little people.

Remember the poem from Mother Goose,

There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile,
He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile;
He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

Can we all admit we’re relatives of the crooked man with the crooked cat in the crooked house?

The energy and time I spend on keeping everything in check astonishes me, no, it saddens me.

Even the most free-spirited among us are carefully waltzing through life, hyper-focused and also severely wobbly, on our golden balance beams. We don’t dare look up or get distracted for fear we will get knocked off our narrow path, and look like a fool or worse, a failure.

When we feel like we are teetering toward the earth, we will spend hours trying to govern our good heart to get back up on the beam again.

KEEP YOUR BALANCE! our brain screams. The problem is…we were designed to be distracted, to wander, to lose our footing and our way again and again.

How much joy and laughter are we squelching? How many experiences are we missing out on because of our obsession to never stagger or swerve or heaven forbid head completely down the rabbit hole?

We are obsessed with not being too obsessed, how’s that for a weird thought?

But I want to let you in on my own life. I have so many obsessions and I can’t think of one I don’t feel yucky about for one reason or another. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Can we release ourselves to dance, explore, try things, have cyclical, multiple obsessions (at the same time), to be and do and have both too much and too little?

Could we consider it beautiful and sexy and interesting to be a wildly in flux, wonky, and crooked human in this crooked world?

Instead of lurking over ourselves as the overbearing balance beam coach or the strict, whistleblowing manager of our lives, maybe we could spend our days fascinated with our skewed, off-kilter, missing-a-few-spokes selves.

So, if you’re worried you’re spending too much time on your phone- you probably are. Don’t be shocked or ashamed. Simply, hop off the balance beam, and plummet down a delightful and troublesome rabbit hole with Alice as your guide.

Relax, life isn’t meant to be a balancing act, we are lopsided, assymetrical creatures, even this tilted Earth we all call home can’t stay straight, and if it did we would surely perish.

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