Sink Into Your Funky Season & Find Your Dream Life

Life can make me seasick. I feel adrift, rising up and down with the swells of the seismic waves closing in around me.

Inevitably, I curse my current state of life and I want to move on from the hellish experiences in the choppy seas. I admit, it’s usually not that bad but I can’t ignore I always want better.

I stage revolts against my reality and paint over my frustrations with romantic vision boards and glossy goals. I call it dreaming but in essence I’m often in denial.

We resist our current season, whether it’s a period of uncertainty, loss, or even serenity, the allure of an alternate reality can be overwhelming. In our rebellion, we reach for a life beyond our grasp.

But what if, in our frenetic fantasizing we could forget about trying to fix or embellish ourselves with fancy dreams?

Could we be devoted to the delight of today and commit to celebrating what is?

While it’s natural to envision of our best life, our most sustainable form of joy and inspiration often lies in surrendering to the space we’re in, and letting evolution come with ease.  

Leaving behind hustle culture and our obsession with the grind and growth, could we disappear beneath the waves and dive headlong into the nuances of the present?

Armed with fresh perspective, we can seamlessly flow into the next phase of life bringing with us the treasures and wisdom unique to this place and time.

Of course, this isn’t to say we should never manifest new ideas or take steps toward future iterations of ourselves.

And yet, what if the current humdrum is the dream for now?

Suddenly, words like stuck and confused and lost take on a whole new meaning. They need not signify a lack of purpose or ambition but instead a deeper fascination for mystery and the loopy labyrinth of life.

Imagine the freedom we could find if we were proud of the here and now, rather than collapsing under the weight of societal expectations, tirelessly concocting our next big leap into a lovelier version of ourselves or our career.

What would look like to highlight this particular stretch of our life, to call out the different markings, accentuate the colors, and showcase the emotions?

While we’re at it…why not invent your own categories and defy conventional seasons? Who says we can’t have taste hints of spring while we’re transitioning into fall? We’re allowed to have one foot in summer, riding the high of a successful new business endeavor and another foot in winter, grieving a difficult relationship.

  • Springer, Finter, Wimmer, or Spall- can you identify which seasons you’re experiencing right now?
  • What words and colors encapsulate the essence of this time in your life?
  • How would you describe who you are today, recognizing you will not be this way forever?

Come home to the muck and magic of your ordinary life. Trust your today to guide you organically into each new phase and funky season!


Take the conversation further:

I took notes on this episode of Rob Bell, I only heard it after I wrote the above piece. It’s a must-listen in regards to this topic of owning our season even those extra funky, melancholic ones…Into the Void The RobCast

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