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Romance: A Different Way to Inspire Others + Change the World

There’s a part of God’s nature that we forget, especially in a culture that prizes progress and products and programs.

God is a Lover. He is interested in who we are behind closed doors and wants to spend time with us there, where no camera or crowd can see us.

Today we feel the tug to share our lives constantly. We, sometimes unknowingly, aim to become “celebrity-me,” as writer Tim Willard put it in his book, Veneer. Our easy handheld phone-cameras become a subtle tool to showcase ourselves -what we are doing and who we are.

But what if the most significant parts of our lives, those sacred spaces where we encounter God’s Spirit, can never be experienced through the lens of our camera or the words we share?

What if they way we inspire others is to be totally in love with Jesus, wrapped up in a romance that is not meant for the public eye?  

Every adventure has intimacy woven throughout it.

Even in the busy seasons He draws us away from the crowds. If we let it, our desire for adventure lures us into the secret places of His presence.

Instead of convenience, adventurers know the treasure of taking the slow route, noticing and lingering in the stillness. We opt out of slick marketing and success schemes, and choose the bumpy back roads because we crave untamed beauty over efficiency.

Adventurers are not concerned with instant results or relationship because we know real intimacy can never be forced or quick.

Out here in what sometimes feels like the wilderness, God dwells, He waits, and woos us gently to come out from the worn paths of our world to revel in His beauty, presence, and love.

When we become still enough to hear our hearts beating, pulsing for more life, we lose our interest in mere information about Him and instead crave an encounter with Him face to face.

Imagine…Jesus looks you in the eyes. Deep calling out to deep. His soul piercing yours. He holds you steady and strong in the kind of embrace you never want to escape. Your heart flutters out of your chest and nothing else matters. What is He speaking to you here?  Pay attention.

I don’t want to survive on glimpses of this glorious Love, I want to dwell there, feeling His hand in mine, clinging to His side like a passionate lover, and taking in His words like water for my parched soul. I come alive when He’s close.

But it means we’ve got to let go of the desire to be acknowledged, noticed, and understood. To do whatever it takes to sneak behind the stage lights, duck beneath our clean-cut images, reach beyond petty circumstances, and seek the hidden kind of adventures where brave worship rises up from the secret place.

We are the forever-in-love-ones. And a woman in love has no need to constantly gauge, measure, or compare herself with others. She isn’t swept up into the race around her, competing for worldly success. She’s found her place already. She is first in His eyes.

Her life starts and ends with Him. Some call her obsessed with Him. And she is. His love is unlike anything she’s ever experienced, how could she ever leave?

The more she gazes into His eyes and gets to know His heart, the more He inspires her to step into an adventure. Courageous, free, and wild- their love changes the world…slowly. 

Verses to Ponder: Isaiah 54: 5, Song of Songs 4:9, 12, Hosea 2:14-23, John 15:1-4, Ephesians 5:25-30, 2 Corinthians 11:2

How would your life look different  if you encountered God’s romance anew, if you steeped yourself in His love, and let Him pour Himself out on you?

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