Reframe Your Wishes To Be Someone Else By Morning.

Sometimes I get tired of being me with all the same fears, struggles, and insecurities. I daydream about what it might be like if I could somehow morph into a strong, confident, and powerful woman…by morning.

Tomorrow is the day, I declare, I’ll rise with resolution in my bones, ready to dismantle the moth-eaten stories from within and replace them with robust tales of who I really am.  

Radiant aliveness, complete with wind-swept hair and full body knowing. Every step is a symphony of wholeness. Every part of me humming with the sound of possibility.

I’ll break my rules and surprise myself by adopting a spirit of spontaneity and ease.

I’ll let my intuition guide and stay in the flow of what feels good and supportive to my soul. I’ll listen to the quiet nudges and imaginative ideas and act on them immediately before doubt and fear begin to interject their awful chatter.  

My levels of laughter, joy, and gratitude will boil over because I no longer care about perfection’s persistent directions and demands.

I’ll loosen and release the need to keep control, and stop hoisting exhausting expectations upon everyone. The rigid routines dissipate and make room for the rhythms of my inner landscape to sing out softer songs of deep sleep and sustained energy.

An unwavering confidence floats to the surface without any fanfare. I’m aligned to my values and success unfolds without strife and stress.  

I can’t help but make every tiny endeavor a fireworks display of artistic magic. I don’t sabotage my efforts to dream and create, my days feel more like a steady pulse than a sweaty push.

I listen to the earth’s whispers and she teaches me how to hold my unmet desires and sensuous longings with care and curiosity. Patience grows in me for all that is yet to be, and spirit has space to spin up new potions for my evolution.

Tomorrow is the day, I declare, this woman will come into existence.

But my optimistic assertions are interrupted by a haunting and familiar voice- The woman you are desperate to embody is already here. Keep following her presence across the millions of thresholds present before you, portals to new worlds arriving with every second of every day.

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