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Radical Risk {Take One Step Series}

Today’s post in our Take One Step Series here on the Art of Adventure blog is written by my delightful friend, Brittany McCardle. Every Monday through the end of the month you will get to hear from different women about their one small step.  It is our hope that you will be encouraged to see your tiny, seemingly insignificant steps everyday as the backdrop for the miraculous, and the pathway of a beautiful adventure. Perhaps God isn’t waiting for us to take adrenaline-pumping, picture-worthy leaps of faith, but to simply put one foot in front of the other, with childlike expectation, everyday. Where is He inviting you to take one step, to break fear’s power, and let Him take care of the outcome?

The boxes are unpacked. The sink brims with dirty dishes. The washing machine hums behind a closed door. Our days are filled with routine. My husband leaves for work, and the adventure we shared now seems like a distant memory. Everything we were so eager to leave behind twelve months ago, now suddenly surrounds us: house, cars, job, schedule, work days. This question stings in my mind: Was it worth it?

It was only a year ago, we whispered, timidly at first, but with growing excitement, our Yes to God’s call to radical trust. We sold everything and left on a sailboat to travel, grow, learn and see our faith in action as we dared to trust in a God who said lose your life. (You can see a peek into our journey here!) But eight months later, after many salty adventures and tests of faith, we took down the sails, tied the dock lines and chose to embrace the way of life we once called ‘complacent.’ We returned to land changed of course, but we couldn’t help but wonder if we had made the right decision to end the adventure and come home.

Could we continue our radical trust in God in a place where convenience reigned supreme? Could we really ‘lose our life’ while we built it up again? The answers to these questions, now clearer, seemed elusive when we left that dock and were confronted with our own self-doubt and feelings of failure.

For a time, we lived in an empty house having very little possessions to call our own. We were starting over just one year after leaving it all behind. In that big empty house, we grieved the loss of something we couldn’t name.

We mourned over the life we left behind- an unpredictable, adventurous, amazing eight months of travel, at the same time acknowledging that coming back to a familiar life in the Texas suburbs was right for this season.

I began to believe that our new home wasn’t empty with the loss of our old life, instead I began to see it was ripe with God possibilities. I felt our new lives in our new home were exactly as the writer of Genesis describes the earth in the moments before creation: “It was formless and void,” but I could clearly sense that the Spirit of God was “hovering” over the deep places in my heart, ready to breathe something new. The only thing that mattered is… would I believe it?

I spent a lot of time alone with God on that sailboat for eight months, and I began to believe that now that I was back among friends, family and neighbors, that God meant for me to share what I received in communion with him during that time. I began to believe that this was the place for that to happen. I didn’t know where to start, but in taking tiny steps, God led me to a small group of women who longed to hear more about an adventurous God with a faithful heart towards his people.

In taking that tiny risk and leading a small bible study in my home, I realized I had a passion for sharing God’s word and heart, and that perhaps this was where he was leading me all along: To risk. To risk my life for the good news of God in big ways and small ways and in every way in between. I’ve learned that risking your life doesn’t always happen across oceans, but anywhere God hears a whispered, yes.

Adventure Practice: 

Risk looks different for each of us. Think about how and where God is quietly leading you out of your boat of safety to risk with Him? Then encourage someone else in your life to say “yes” to His promptings. 

Adventurer’s Prayer:

Father God, Thank you for meeting me in this place and in this season. Thank you for making each day ripe with opportunities to follow you in new ways. Open my eyes and heart to see that taking a radical risk with you always leads to life and more life…

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