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Practicing the Art of Adventure Feature: Brittany McCardle

What does it look like to practice the art of adventure?

On Fridays we feature a woman who is Practicing the Art of Adventure in her daily life by stepping into the unknown, embracing change, trusting God, leaving fear, and loving extravagantly, and traveling deeper into His heart. It is our desire that through their lives and stories of adventure you will be inspired & challenged to say YES to all God’s invitations for you to follow Him in your everyday life. 

We’d love for you to join us here each week!

So…what adventures is God inviting you to say YES to today?

Today we are starting back into our Practicing the Art of Adventure series, where we interview a woman who is trusting God, stepping into the unknown, and awakening to God’s beautiful adventure for her life. This is one of my favorite parts of the Art of Adventure blog!

I’m excited for you to get to know Brittany today! From the moment I heard what she and her family were doing I just knew this was a woman who’s story you needed to hear. Take a minute before your weekend begins and let God speak to you about trusting Him in your mundane, leaving your fears, and following him on a wild adventure… Brittany’s words will encourage you to do just that!

First, introduce yourself {tell us where you are from, what you do, your most memorable/scary/beautiful adventure, & anything else you’d like us to know about you!}

Hi, I’m Brittany! I’m from Houston, Texas and I’m a wife and stay at home mom to three little girls, ages 5,2 and 6 months. I’ve been walking with God since I was a teenager and seeing how God has changed me from who I was then to who I am today is simply a miracle.

I grew up as an anxious little girl, and then an anxious teenager and adult. I battled for about eight intense years in overcoming the simplest things, like leaving my house or hanging out with friends.

But facing my fears with God little by little everyday has been the biggest adventure of all and he’s done the most amazing things with my little mustard seed of faith.

What is your current season of life right now & where are you having difficulties trusting God?

Besides being in a season of raising three little ones, homeschooling, caring for my home and being a wife, my husband and I are currently in a season of transition and of stepping out in our faith.

We are excitedly preparing to change our lifestyle from one of living on land, to living on a sailboat and traveling to wherever we feel led by God. We are in the process of selling the majority of our possessions and the two homes we own and buying a boat to live on.

It is a huge undertaking and can be exhausting at times. I think the biggest difficulty in this transition right now is continuing to believe that we did hear from God and are following him, even when people around us tell us we are crazy, and even when it feels like we aren’t making any progress. 


Share with us a specific example of how and when God has met you when you’ve walked into the unknown with Him?

The most memorable thing that God has done in my life, (and there are many!)but the one that always stands out to me is when my husband and I lived in Scotland in the Summer of 2012. If we would have been friends before that time, you would have known that I hated traveling and vowed to remain a homebody as much as I could.

But one day while I was praying I heard God gently tell me that I needed to let go of all my fears about traveling. He told me I was refusing to let him in and let him change me. I said, “Ok God!” Soon after that my husband came to me and said “My work is sending me to Scotland for 3 months!” Wow! God was preparing my heart for what would happen.

We decided to go together but at the last minute his work expressed displeasure in my joining him there. So our plans changed and I actually flew to Scotland by myself (a 15 hour travel time) with my toddler and lived there with my husband for just one month. How God grew my faith in that! I did something I never thought I would do or could do. In that experience God increased my faith in him, my confidence in myself, and ignited a love for adventure!

We’d love to hear what step(s) out of your comfort zone you have taken recently or will take soon.

Recently, we have taken some major, but exciting steps out of our comfort zone. Making such a huge transition from land life to a nomadic sea life is requiring us to leave behind many things that are familiar and comfortable! Over the summer, we were boat shopping, which for us really was also house hunting, since the boat will be our home. My husband found a boat not on the major listing, it was listed for sale on a family’s blog. It sounded like a great boat, old, but in good condition and the more we thought of it the more we both felt like we needed to see it. The interesting part was that it is located in Maryland, a part of the country we have never been. But I told my husband, “I think we just need to go there.” Amazingly he agreed and that weekend we were on a plane to Annapolis with good friends watching our girls.

Soon we were driving around Maryland, looking at several different boats, but we were drawn to this particular boat. God began a growing desire in my heart to be on the east coast and I felt so at peace even though we had never planned on moving across the country. In the end, that is the boat we purchased, and now in just one week we are planning on driving to Maryland to live on it for about three weeks while sailing it out of the Chesapeake Bay and down the east coast!

All of this is so far from what we had originally thought we would do! We will be much farther from family and friends initially, in a brand new, undiscovered place learning how to sail a boat as a family. All of this can be scary, if I let it be, but the amazing thing is that it really is not.

I know a girl who once told me, “The safest place to be is in the will of God.” From the outside, it seems like I should be terrified about all these unknowns before me, but I believe where God leads you, he also provides a confidence to walk in it and not be afraid.


How do you hear God’s voice most clearly? Is it a time of day, a place you go, a thing you do…anything!

I think I hear him in many ways. Many times as I’m up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, I’ll grab my Bible or devotional and hear him speak so clearly to me. I think it’s because there are no distractions in the middle of the night and my full attention is on him.

Other times it’s his word that jumps off the pages of the Bible and grabs my attention as I’m studying it. And many times it’s when I’m in fellowship with other believers. I think most often it’s simply when I’m engaged in listening, when I’m intentionally keeping my spiritual ears open to hear him.

So much of walking with God on this adventure is about facing our fears, embracing change, and trusting Him…what is one of your biggest fears that keeps your paralyzed from saying “Yes” to God’s adventure for you?

I wouldn’t say that I feel paralyzed in any fear right now, but what is really hard is dealing with people around us who think we are crazy and irresponsible for wanting to travel by boat with our family. At first I was afraid about telling our family and friends about our plan to travel because we knew not all of them would agree. But while we love them we aren’t letting that keep us from continuing to pursue it.

I’m constantly having to let go of what people are going to think of me and keep sharing what I believe God has put on our hearts.


And how do you overcome your specific fears?

Definitely the scriptures. It’s so comforting to read all the stories about people in the Bible that God called to do uncomfortable, different things from those around them, and how there were always people who opposed them. It’s the nature of this walk. And while we do believe in getting counsel from others about big decisions, there still will always be people who aren’t going to agree with what God is leading us to do.

I also really benefit from hearing real life stories of people who have abandoned everything to serve the one true God. {One of my favorites is this one} Their testimonies are so powerful and they shed light on what it looks like to walk with God. Sometimes it’s the stories of women I know in our home church as we walk out life with each other, or stories I hear on the radio, from missionaries, or books.

What does a life of adventure with God look like for you?

Ever since I was young, I always believed that walking with God would be a big adventure. I believed that if God really was who he said he was, the All Consuming Fire, eternal God, that walking with him would require no less than absolutely everything I possessed. He would require everything from me. I always hoped that I could step out in faith in him in a radical way and know him intimately.

But instead of immediately going to the front lines of the world, God used many mundane years to shape me and mold me. Through the everyday he’s taught me humility, trust and dependence, and I know now that the everyday is much a part of the adventure as the exciting parts that are more glamorous.

To me, adventure with God at the core means betting everything you have on God.  It means taking him at his word. It means trusting him in such a way that your life WILL look different. And for us right now that looks like selling everything except the essentials, being open to God to go to new places, living on a boat and letting his voice guide us.

Brittany would love for you to follow along as their family heads out to sea, for you to be inspired and ignited to say YES to your own God-adventure!

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And take a minute to read this post, more about why they’re selling everything they own and living on a boat…

We don’t want a life hiding behind comfort. We don’t want to anchor our lives to our stuff, or to retirement or to a predictable life that atrophies our souls.

Leave an encouraging comment below for Brittany as they embark on this new adventure!

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