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Pioneers and Pixies {Take One Step Series}

Today’s post in our Take One Step Series here on the Art of Adventure blog is written by the beautiful Christine Willard. Now through November, you will hear from six different women about their one small step.  It is our hope that you will be encouraged to see your tiny, seemingly insignificant steps everyday as the backdrop for the miraculous, and the pathway of a beautiful adventure. Perhaps God isn’t waiting for us to take adrenaline-pumping, picture-worthy leaps of faith, but to simply put one foot in front of the other, with childlike expectation, everyday. Where is He inviting you to take one step, to break fear’s power, and let Him take care of the outcome?

I love watching the pioneer hearts of my daughters grow. I have three pixies under the age of ten. We just entered the double digit years, spanning five years total in between the oldest and youngest. Life is an adventure, always, for these three. There is no stone left unturned, leaf untouched, or flower unpicked.

They are pioneers through and through. Forging paths amidst dead brushwood, kindling fires with foliage, creating “home” from a neglected tree fort. They lead the charge around the neighborhood to a world brimming with adventure. I looked out my kitchen window the other afternoon to find that they had rekindled a fire that Tim had started the previous evening by sheer pixie determination. A little wind, a few more sticks, and their incessant blowing was all it took.

Pioneer hearts. I look at them and learn so much. Where is my sense of adventure? When did I lose the wonder? Why do I forget to stop and smell the flowers?

Because truth be told, this is where the true adventure lies: right outside my front door and inside the very walls of the shelter we call “home”. This is my playground, where I get to daily forge new paths, steer around obstacles, invent new ways of doing things.

And how often does He gently ask me to pioneer a new path for Him? Sometimes weekly, sometimes daily, sometimes hourly. Yet, my heart shrinks in fear, my mind convinces me that it’s too great a leap to follow. But all He asks for is that one step. To embrace a pioneer heart.

It’s the fretting that gets me every time. The doubt and fear creep in and cloud my judgment.

Two weeks ago, drowning in apprehension, I reached a breaking point. In Tim’s line of work, there are always uncertainties. This particular week the unexpected hit hard. Questions flooded my mind as doubt filled my heart to the brim. The dam broke, spilling out the deluge of confusion I had been carrying.

And that still, small voice whispered, “Trust in the Lord.”

So simple. Yet, so complex.

Trust in the Lord. One small step. The only step that mattered.

I could query for hours, pouring out my heart as to why. Yet, the Psalmist is clear in chapter 37: “Fretting turns only to evil.” (v.8). Every time I began to process or to question, I heard Him clearly say:

Trust in the Lord.

This is the only step I’m asking you to take. Take it. Trust, one foot in front of the other.

Trust cures fretting. I can confide in the Lord but do so with a spirit of trust. Pour out your longing before the Lord in a spirit of trust. He sees, hears, it is before Him.

When I know not what else to do this one step I can take: trust. It is in those times of confusion, doubt, the “whys” that it becomes quite simple: Trust in the Lord.

Trust evidences a pioneer heart, one ready for the next adventure, climbing over boulders, dodging obstacles, forging new paths, discovering untamed frontiers. Right now, all He asks of me is that one step, to trust.

“Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust.” (Ps 40:4)

And I can hear the pixies in the woods, pioneers gathering in their tree house. Fret, doubt, anxiety are left at the door. I take their cue…pixies turned pioneer. Life is full of adventure, wonder, and…trust.

Adventure Practice: 

Where is God prompting you with His whispered invitation, “Will you trust me?” Think about all the ways He’s been faithful in the past. What would it look like for you to be a pioneer with God and have childlike trust in this situation? Journal, paint, pray your response back to Him. 

Adventurer’s Prayer:

Papa God, Give me a pioneer heart, a heart that wildly trusts you! Show me a picture of what it would like if I left my worry, doubt, and anxiety behind and walked in step with you. I’m ready to be awakened to adventure. In Jesus name, Amen.

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