Part 2// My First Time in Paris: 10 Poetic Revelations, But I Think You Might Need To Hear Them Too.

Coming to Paris was a fulfillment of a dream, yes, and it was also an opportunity to escape the rigors of routine as a mother of 4 and connect with my heart on a deeper level, listen to the raging undercurrents, the pulsing, pulling rhythms beneath my skin, and perhaps stumble upon some semblance of a next step as I try to steer myself through some murky waters.

I knew Paris had some secrets to tell me, so every day I made a simple intention to listen and pay attention.

I didn’t want to force myself to put pen to paper or sit alone for hours in a park trying to pull meaning out of every little thing I encountered and come home armed with The Answers. I just wanted whatever needed to come through to makes it way into my soul slowly and naturally.

The environment we are in makes all the difference in our ability to tune into The Little Love Notes being slipped to us from the shadows and crevices of Life.

Often it takes a change in scenery to refresh our senses and become a receptive vessel again for the living, breathing, dynamic messages swirling all around us.

Paris, as I knew it would, captivated me from Day One and I couldn’t look away. That’s alot coming from a girl who adores long walks on a peaceful beach and finds solace hiking through an enchanted forest. In my mind, Paris has never registered as a bustling, crowded city, it represents a lifestyle and a culture, a rich and vibrant environment steeped in romance, passion, and creativity.

As much as I was invited to explore the endless cobblestone streets, sprawling gardens, and colorful storefronts of Paris, I also felt these themes beckoning me to integrate them into the ever-expanding terrain of my soul.


ONE. Your confidence is still alive and well.

Parenting woes, career confusion, and an anemic marriage have done a number on my confidence over the last few years. But it only took a week away from the chaos to realize I hadn’t actually lost anything. I can trust myself and access my intuition without needing to earn it or “be good.” I am a capable, daring, adventurous, passionate and confident woman and this is an innate part of my existence.

TWO. Change isn’t life-threatening.

I fear change because sometimes in my head I equate to death. IT IS NOT. Change actually can provide an adrenaline rush of excitement, inspiring us to walk forward into the unknown with an open heart. It’s the catalyst for more gorgeous growth and gregarious adventures!

THREE. You are not alone, you belong here.

Several times a week, even though I’m surrounded by caring friends and loving family, I still have this feeling I am alone, an outcast, and no one loves me. It’s funny how while staying by myself in another country, was the week where I felt overwhelmed with this sense of my significance in this world and my connection to everything and everyone around me.

FOUR. You need to be more proud of yourself.

Not a day went by where I didn’t think, “Wow! You did that!” I was so damn proud of myself on this trip. Every night I was in awe of myself and recalled how much I have endured, experienced, and accomplished in my life. I am convinced we can all afford to celebrate and acknowledge ourselves a little more! Pin up your own work on the fridge, step back and admire who you are becoming, give yourself credit for still being here!

FIVE. Design your life around beauty.

I want to center my days around what is beautiful to me. I want to do work that sends shivers up my spine and makes me weepy with awe. I want to make my routines enchanting not exhausting. Everything in Paris felt layered with seduction and mystery. It seems like when they designed the city their only goal was to see how they could captivate and charm the passersby, woo them into the present, and be overtaken with surprise and delight. Oh that my life would give off the same vibes!

SIX. What you love is not silly or frivolous.

What I love needs to be taken seriously. It isn’t a joke. What you and I love is the key to discovering more of who we are and who we are becoming. My deep loves are signposts and guides I can follow, something to nurture and pursue with all my heart, not made to be tamped down, explained away, or ignored.

SEVEN. Be your own best friend.

Hang out with yourself, talk to yourself, ask yourself questions and be curious about YOU! Engage in conversations and friendly banter with yourself. Laugh with yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company. You are fun to be with and you are interesting and you have stories to tell- make it your life’s mission to get to know yourself better and better.

EIGHT. Just try stuff.

It’s the only way to stay fresh and full of energy. Make it a game- see where you’ll pop out this time if you do this or go that way! Develop an appetite for surprises rave and plot twists in your own life. Don’t make anything too fancy or professional, just get out there and try stuff!

NINE. Six figures will never bring fulfillment, experiences do.

Every single day I fall for the glittering promises of six figures. Ugh. I’ll waste away hours scheming and planning how I can reach the FIRE everyone brags about- Financial Independence, Retire Early. Then I read a poem, write a sentence, immerse myself in a book, take a walk outside, go for a run, read a story to my kids, or sit on a bench in Paris, and my soul lights on fire, my purpose ignites. I radiate with hope and joy, and in that moment I am the most wealthy woman in the world.

TEN. Wandering takes us where we need to go.

I believe wandering is a spiritual act. When we wander we remember how to loosen up, let go of expected outcomes, and embrace the possibilities latent beneath our own two feet. We’re open to options, perspectives, and paths, we’ve never considered. Wandering has a way of aligning us with what we didn’t know we needed. We give the Loving Universe a chance to show up, and advocate for us, and we learn to relax into the flow of life and what is, rather than strive for success through the hustle and grind, and slaving away in front of a screen or in an office for hours on end.


Which one of these did you need to hear today, I’m curious!


  • Thanks so much !! Very helpful – and nothing wrong with a Adivan or two😊

    • EXACTLY! I envy those people who pass out on the plane…I’m pretty sure they’re taking something 😉

      • Yes adivan does work – l tried it and it didn’t make me pass out or out of it – l just wasn’t so super tuned into every noise or bump – much more relaxed!!

  • Hello – l love these Paris posts … traveling there is a dream of mine – at 67 l better get moving! I have a horrible fear of flying that l have tried to address in several ways – l see they freak you out too – any advice? Thanks- Greg

    • Things that help me when I fly: Audio books, podcasts, talking to people in the back, walking around, saying calming phrases to myself, watching a movie, listening to upbeat music, pretend I’m on a bumpy safari in a jeep when there’s turbulence, thinking about my wild neighbor who is an Alaska Airlines pilot as well as a stunt plane pilot- she’s CRAZY, the twists and turns and death-looking spirals she does in the air and the way she talks about flying a plane…it’s easy, second nature, like driving a car only MUCH BETTER. Hope that helps!! Don’t let it hold you back – you’ll have big regrets!! Let this be the first domino to many things you want to accomplish in this phase of your life!


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