On Making Everyday A Coming Out Day.

There’s a preferred version of you. The one people are pushing and prodding you to become. And you wither a little every time you feel the subtle pokes or hear the random suggestions.

Oh, you wish you could conform, lean towards their expectations, parade yourself like the person they want you to be, but you can’t seem to perfect the act.

On your way back home, you find yourself staging a rebellion, planning your liberation, and rolling up your sleeves. It’s time to get to work.

You refuse to be ironed out, pressed, and steamed to perfection.

You don’t want to screw sweetness and smiles or kiss kindness goodbye, but you also don’t want to hide your rough edges and raucous laughter. You’re done patting down your rowdy hair and making sure you always wear the right shoes.

There’s a way of being in the world that feels spacious and slightly unkempt, where we don’t always aim for stream-lined conversations and linear paths leading toward love. Instead, we welcome the meandering flow of the mystery and look forward to finding out what’s next.

So, we bury the preferred version of ourselves, the one trying to fit into those slick and successful circles. We position ourselves with an openness to who we are becoming and refuse to tailor and trim the pieces that want to stray and stick out.

We resurrect our absurd dreams and wild wandering hearts with more fervor and decide to make every day our coming out day.

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