On Choosing Books That Excite You! (& My Top 4 Reads From September)

The following four books moved me (one quite literally) because they resonated on an emotional level. I was lured toward their pages each day to connect with the characters and the concepts.

These books carried a pulse and as a result, they revitalized and enriched me- soul, spirit, and body.

When it comes to our reading life…

I’ve learned it’s not worth it to trudge through chapter after chapter if our heart isn’t feeling it.

It’s better to choose books like we do our friends- to seek out the companionship of those who, by their simple presence, prod us to be the best version of ourselves. The books that bend down to reach us, inviting us to explore fresh perspectives and plunge deeper into awe, anger, sadness, or delight are the pages we want to return to again and again.

My motto over the last year has been this: I must give myself permission to put down a book when it doesn’t excite me. (By “excite” I don’t mean doing a happy dance. A book excites us when it elicits strong emotions.)

Or in the words of another bibliophile, “If you want to read more books you need to quit more books.” (Still not sure if you should quit a book or not, here are 3 more ways to help you decide!)

I understand our book lists are so personal, but I hope one of these titles sends a surge of excitement through you!


Educated by Tara Westover

Not knowing for certain, but refusing to give way to those who claim certainty, was a privilege I had never allowed myself. My life was narrated for me by others. Their voices were forceful, emphatic, absolute. It had never occurred to me that my voice might be as strong as theirs.”

Phew! Every chapter felt unbelievable. Told my husband to read it and in one chapter he was hooked.

The Joy of Movement by Kelly McGonigal, PhD

“Yet physical activity stands out in its ability to fulfill so many human needs, and that makes it worth considering as a fundamentally valuable endeavour. It is as if what is good in us is most easily activated or accessed through movement.”

I appreciated the fascinating scientific studies on the effects and benefits of movement woven throughout every chapter. This book is all the proof we need to find ways to fill our lives with more walking, dancing, playing, and sweating!

The Secret Book of Flora Lea by Patti Callahan Henry

“The best stories are soul making. But stories we tell about ourselves, and even the harrowing ones told by others about us, can also be soul destroying. We have to choose what is good and true. Not what will destroy.”

I did not want this one to end EVER! It made my whole day more magical and got me thinking about all the possibilities and roads I could take next. Promptly recommended this one to a friend.

God Is by Mallory Wyckoff

“Every time we think we fully know and understand the Divine, God twirls around and takes another form and invites us to dance with the Mystery, and shit if I didn’t forget to pack proper dancing shoes.”

Although I’m no longer a Christian, I’m beyond grateful for Mallory’s passion to rename the Divine through a more beautiful, expansive lens. You will close this book with a determination to discover new ways to relate with Source/Life/Love.

I’m curious… which books did you happily give your time to over the last month?

Were there any you couldn’t finish?

Stick with the books that feel in tune with your mysterious, inner life and engage all your emotions!

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  • Thank you for this … Completely agree with you. Years ago I started following Nancy pearls advice to only ever give a book 50 pages because there’s so many books to read and limited time to read them all. . And as you get older that number of pages decreases to whatever number plus your age as up to 100. So I am 59 and a book now only gets 41 pages. It’s good advice but I like the way that you have framed it. What lights me up what taps into my very being.

    I’m adding the last two that you recommended to my list.

    My most recent book that lit me up that I read in one day was anxious people by Frederik Backman, funny touching, found family, I just love the way that he weaves together people’s lives.


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