Let’s go on an adventure together! 

You are invited to come away with Jesus to sneak into the hills of His heart and traverse the trails of His love for you. There is no greater or more beautiful adventure than traveling through your ordinary life with Jesus.

But how often do we forget to see the invitation before us each day? We get sucked into our busy-ness or discouraged by our boredom, and all the while Jesus is beckoning us to step out of our comfort zones and say YES to a real adventure!


Each month I send out a personal note to you which includes:

  • honest + gentle words of inspiration to get you moving forward in faith, no matter what season you find yourself in!
  • some favorite reads +  links to encourage your heart
  • special discounts for the shop
  • free resources to empower you to see the adventure in your days
  • and lots of other surprises!

It is my prayer and passion that we will come alive to the God-adventure in our midst!