My Unhealthy Obsession (& What Helps)

I crave the advice and expertise of those who I deem “ahead of me” whether in age, life experience, enlightened wisdom, or their six-figure career.

I seek out their secrets to success. I want to copy their morning routines and agree with their unpopular opinions. I follow their exact formulas and supposed simple steps. I’ll plunge deep into their content.

They are so generous, I think, to give all this hard-earned teaching away for free. Not realizing I pay a hidden cost.

Every time I worship someone else’s ways, I sacrifice the joy and opportunity found in my unique process and path.

They push me forward, but I’m not pulled towards meaningful, aligned action.

My mind spins, but with someone else’s ideas.

I’m fired up, but external motivation never inspires my best work.

I convince myself I’m on the brink of breakthrough, destined to eventually feel like I’ve finally caught up with those shiny people out front.

Through subtle nudges and repetitive signs, I start to pay attention. The offness like sour milk is obvious, I smell the pungent odor and am taken aback.

This is where my unpretensious intuition kicks in, that faithful inner compass intercepts my obsession with obeying other people’s maps.

The deep fulfillment I long for will never emerge as long as I’m sacrificing to the higher gods and holy gurus to tell me how to get it. Instead I must:

  • follow and trust my mysterious evolution,
  • stay to open to possibility and change,
  • and become an energetic leader of my own life.

The truly generous among us are those who walk beside us, coaxing us to listen to the wilds within, letting us find our way, however wandering it may be.

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  • Really this is so true! I have struggled with this exact same thing. It’s not a one size fits all kind of thing after all. We are all unique.


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