a birth story for our everyday lives


My In-The-Flesh Encounter with the Gospel

a birth story for our everyday lives

As a mother of a newborn, I spend many hours

… standing and swaying and shushing the tiny screams of my sweet son.

… sitting and nursing him, soothing his wiggly whimpers, and filling his hungry belly.

… with dry and drooping eyes, but a heart that can’t resist holding and comforting my tiny boy.

The hours, turn into days, that turn into years, and if I’m not careful motherhood feels all-consuming, overwhelming, and suffocating. Where has my life gone?

But in the midst of all the tiresome, heart-stretching labor of the everyday, I also find myself spending many hours simply looking over his wrinkly skin, taking in every detail, his long fingers, light whispery lashes, delicate lips, and distinct chin.

It’s when I stop and stare that suddenly all the many hours spent transform into many hours shared in God’s presence.

The tiny baby I hold wrapped in a warm blanket becomes my in-the-flesh encounter with the living, breathing Gospel.

Yes, the daily pages of motherhood are marked with the distinct presence of Jesus.

The mystery of motherhood, all of this swaying and singing, caring and soothing, hushing and holding, all the aches and pains that come with sleepless nights, and the giving up, getting low, and crying out is actually the painful pushing out of the Gospel into my hands and my heart. 

Is it really true that the Gospel is birthed over and over again each day in my midst?

More than just chapters I read or the Good News of Great Love, the Gospel is becoming a daily experience, Jesus bursting forth onto the scene of my ordinary life.  

I think He takes great pleasure in weaving the story of the Gospel into our wild lives. Just think about the way He first made His entrance…

It’s no small thing that He was birthed between the legs of a simple woman, the Savior of the world wrapped up tightly in a blanket. It speaks volumes of the vastness of His love, the places He will go to reveal Himself to us.   

Be it a barn or a bedroom a garden or a grocery story, a cross or a countertop, God hunts for places to make the Gospel undeniably tangible.

He is inviting us to feel, experience, and embrace not just a Gospel message but the God-Man Jesus.

Today I am going to stop counting the hours spent or the years consumed in mothering, and instead I am going to stop and gaze into the miraculous, mysterious revelation of the Gospel that I hold in my hands…my sweet baby Isaac.

Where has my life gone? Where is the thrilling adventure of following Jesus that I long for? It is here, in my arms. 

How is God weaving His story into your life?
Where are you holding the Gospel in your hands without even realizing it?

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