My Confession & Invitation to Us All…

I’ve been going back and forth…

Do I give them all away for free or at a discount?

Do I not sell them at all?

Do I attach a personal note to each one explaining the issue?

I’ve asked my husband. I’ve talked to the Lord. I’ve looked at what other people do in these situation. I’ve lost sleep. I’ve wept on my couch.

So here’s the conclusion I’ve come to…

I believe there is a message in this mess, in the imperfect, in the mistakes.

The message I’ve begun to unravel out of this situation is this: there is still beauty.

There is still beauty.



Here’s the deal friends, I’ve found countless, embarrassing mistakes in my journals.

Okay, maybe not countless, but enough to make me want to quit. Quit creating. Quit designing. Quit writing. Quit trying new things.

There I’ve said it.

They are not perfect.

Far from it actually.

If you have received an Art of Adventure journal you will probably find them if you haven’t already.



First of all, I’m so sorry that you received a journal with flaws in it.

Second of all, I want to give your permission to find them. See them. And then instead of getting frustrated or distracted over them, will you choose, along with me, to let them be a reminder. {More on that in a minute!}


I can tell you that those mistakes were not intentional and I did everything I could to avoid them. I’ve looked over the pages what feels like millions of times. There have been hundreds of edits and rewrites, prototypes and proofs. And still…

I find mistakes.

The flaws scattered throughout the pages are also not a sign of my laziness or unprofessionalism {although some may beg to differ, even myself}.

But I’m beginning to wonder if they are intentional on God’s part? And that is not to say this is His fault.

I’ve never considered myself an artist, or creative, in any sense of the word, until more recently.

One of the secrets I’ve discovered about uncovering the artist in me, setting myself free to create, is that I need to let go of perfect and see beauty in myself, in what I make, in what I do, and the people around me.

Friends, the flaws are not just in my journals. They are in me, there are deeply embedded in us. And no matter how hard we try to avoid them or show people otherwise, they will always be there.

No one, no thing will ever be perfect.

But can we all just admit how difficult it is to accept our own and others imperfections?

We’ve been engrained to think through our culture that beauty equals perfect.


However, God is not inviting us into a life of flawless performances, but a wild adventure with Him.

An adventure is messy. We walk through pain and challenges. We face our limitations. We fall on the ground. We make mistakes. But we don’t stop stepping out of our comfort zone and following Jesus into the unknown because this is where a beautiful adventure begins.

So back to what I was saying.

Will you choose to see imperfections differently with me?

Can we let them serve as a reminder that the most beautiful things and people are filled with what we think are flaws?

If there’s anything that will stop us from creating, from living in freedom, from dreaming with God, from saying YES to His adventures for our life, it’s this…

We think we have to wait for perfect. The perfect time. The perfect place. Or until we feel like we ourselves are perfect.

Let’s release ourselves, our work, our creative endeavors, and others from having to be perfect all the time. Right now. Let’s do that. Take a big deep breathe in and blow it out… our pursuit and expectation of perfect.

Everyday we stumble upon imperfection, be it skimming through the pages of my journal or looking at ourselves in the mirror, but everyday we are invited to step into His perfect embrace, His perfect love, His perfect beauty, His perfect grace.

I think God might have set it up that way intentionally – what do you think?


Will you join with me in saying YES to adventure and NO to allowing the imperfections to leave us huddled on the couch crying, losing sleep, frustrated, distracted, or stuck?

Find them. See them. Be aware of them. And then let the imperfect you see around and within you be a reminder…



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So where is perfection’s grip grabbing you? I’d love to hear your what imperfect adventures you are going to embrace in 2016!






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