Living in the Rhythm of Risk.

Risk is beautiful.

Normally we only hear risk in association with fear, danger, or possible death.

But risk when it tied together with Jesus is always worth it.

Risk is beautiful with Him by our side. {We know that, but we don’t always live like that!}


Did you know that God asks you and I to take risks all the time?

The problem is – we easily tune out when we hear His invitation.

I’m not an adventurer or adrenaline junkie. I don’t consider myself brave or confident enough.

I’m logical and think before I act. I’m not a risk-taker, making decisions on a whim, like some people are.

Quickly, God’s invitation to take a risk gets lost in our easily accessible excuses.


Think about your life – when was the last time you took a risk?

Maybe you didn’t empty out your bank account, but you financially gave beyond what your budget could handle?

Perhaps you haven’t been sky-diving, but you did jump off the dock into the lake?

Or maybe you have never packed up your belongings, moving to another country, but you did travel next door to get to know the new neighbors?

A risk can look a million different ways.

Forgiving first even when it hurts. Spending quality time with your kids when you have dreams rumbling in the back of your heart. Giving away your old clothes. Starting a garden when you don’t even know how to plant a seed. Choosing joy instead of joining a pity party.

So when was the last time you took a risk? And what did it do in your heart?


Risks, big or small, seen or unseen, awaken us to a reality beyond ourselves.

Taking a risk opens our heart to heaven. We step out of our personality, our weaknesses, our fears, our pride, our selfish ways, our schedule, our plans, and our perspective.

As we step out into new territory, we are changed. Our heart and our lives. This is why God is always inviting us to take a risk. 

We learn. We grow. We come alive again. We can’t go back to life as usual. But often we do. 



There is a woman in the bible named Ruth. She walked in the rhythm of risk.

What is the rhythm of risk, you ask?

If you read through the book of Ruth you will see it in action!

Walking to the rhythm of risk looks like this:

Traveling into the unknown.

Giving to and loving those in our midst extravagantly.

Trusting and waiting on God to provide for us.

Having an expectant heart.

Not being fearful of trying and perhaps failing.

Being vulnerable with God and with people.


Ruth abandoned her old life-a life of famine and struggle, heartache and pain- by getting into this rhythm.  

Without risk we will never experience what life with Jesus was meant to be – a thrilling, faith-filled, life-giving adventure!

Like Ruth, we must practice daily. Taking small risks here or there as God initiates and guides us…and developing a rhythm: a regular repeated pattern of movement. 


Risk does usually cause us to die. {that’s why we never like it} To die to ourselves and our plans and our idea of a good life.

But then

Taking a risk always opens the door to resurrection and new life with God every day!

So, we should ask ourselves, what could be better than saying YES when God asks you to come out a little further and take a risk?

Afterall, He knows what’s on the other side.

Risk is beautiful.

What new adventures is God nudging you to say YES to? Big or small- it all counts!


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