July Adventure Practices

Saying yes to any kind of adventure doesn’t always come easy for us…
We have real fears, continual obstacles, an aversion to the unknown, and difficulty trusting God. I’ve come to realize it takes practice to walk with Jesus in our daily lives.

So at the beginning of each month I will share some adventure practices that we can incorporate into our usual rhythms and routines.

These are simple ways we can train our hearts to take God’s hand and trust, move forward in faith, & learn to see all of life and every season as a beautiful adventure with Him!

::an outdoor adventure::

Go on a flower walk in your neighborhood, pick or take pictures of all the unique flowers you discover along the way. Retrain your eyes to see and discover His beauty.


::a morning adventure::

Stop. Still your heart. Set a timer if you need to for ten minutes. Simply listen to the voice of Jesus. Document what you heard afterwards.


::a love adventure::

Plan a simple dinner with friends,  share stories about what you’ve learned & experienced over the last 6 months, and then share with each other what you’re looking forward to the rest of the year. Encourage one another to go on new adventures!


::a giving adventure::

Spend some time in prayer, what is one organization, person, or group you can give quietly to, either with finances or your time.  Then go and give generously and joyfully this month!

It is my prayer that these will ignite & inspire your heart to a life of adventure with God, trusting Him in new ways each day.

If you want to print this out & put it where you can see it, I made a little pdf for you here. To be sure you get each month’s adventure practice subscribe to adventure letters!

For more encouraging resources to help you step out of your comfort zone & into a beautiful adventure check out the Art of Adventure Shop!

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