It’s Today!

For the next 33 years of my life I want to wake up everyday with an expectation and excitement. Not that kind that passes once the gifts have been opened or the surprise revealed. An expectation and excitement that permeates my whole being.

Most of the time you and I only experience this giddy, child-like excitement and wide-eyed expectation when there is something to look forward to- a day off, a moment we’ve been waiting for, or a special event.

But living each day with expectation and excitement has nothing to do with our mood, circumstances, or personality. Rather it has to do with our perspective.


Did you know that God places a gift in front of us every morning?

The gift of a new day.

Sounds a little cheesy, right?

But here’s what I think.

The people who have impacted me the most have this deep gratefulness and joy for life. They live in constant celebration no matter their circumstances.

Their outlook on the day it not determined by their success, their accomplishments, or anything tangible. These people have an expectation and an excitement about life purely because they have recognized and received their today as a gift from God.

How many times do we refuse a gift?

I would say…almost never.

No matter our age, we want to open a gift. We want to see what’s inside! We gladly take it into our arms and peel back the paper, wondering what it could be.

I want to make receiving gifts a practice in my life because everyday is meant to be opened. That same excitement and expectation we have when we hold a gift in our hands is the same way I want to treat each new day.

I love to say that,

An adventurer sees everyday as an opportunity to discover new lands, uncharted territories, untold treasures, and breathtaking beauty.

In other words,

An adventurer sees everyday as a gift to receive, unwrap, and explore!



God wants to join you in a celebration every morning, before your feet even hit the floor.

He waits beside you with that same expectation and excitement holding out His present to you. An extravagant, yet simple wrapping job, He hands it over urging you, “I worked all through the night on this…don’t hold back…tear it open!”

Inside you find, another day. But it’s not just another day…it’s the gift of TODAY!

The breath in your lungs is reason enough to get down on your knees in thankfulness or jump on your bed and sing at the top of your lungs. Your eyes meet with God’s eyes and suddenly you remember… you have life. Your mind floods with the memories of all the times He’s provided, guided, loved, and remained faithful to you.

“Thank you Lord for this day…” gently floats off your lips. With deep gratitude, this tiny prayer of thanks is no longer a mindless phrase, but a humble realization that you have an eternal, amazing purpose, you exist to worship Him. To live in a constant rhythm of receiving and giving back to Him the gift of life…of love.


Expectation and excitement are not moods that flow in and out of our life when we feel childlike and giddy.

Expectation and excitement are perspectives we get through Jesus as we stretch wide our arms and receive His gift of another day, a new day, a new life…TODAY.

Let’s have hope-filled longing for each day. Let’s celebrate and eagerly expect that God wants to lavish His love and presence on us today, and not only that, but He invites us to His table- where the gifts are stacked high and there is no end to His generosity.

Today is just the beginning…be excited and expectant…for the next 33 years and more!


What would it look like for you to be an adventurer,
to live with an expectation and excitement today and everyday thereafter?

adventure 8


“In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.” Psalm 5:3, NIV

“This the DAY the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

“I will bless you everyday.” Psalm 145:2



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