hey friends!​

I'm Charissa

Routine lover and tiny risk taker

You’re invited to join me as we find our way on this winding trail. 

How would it feel to drop…
all the timelines we’ve placed on ourselves,
the anxiety we hold to live with purpose and extreme intentionality,
the endless pursuit to find our 
one thing, 
and the pressure to find it quick. 

It happens every day. I’m allured into adopting the persona and path of someone else, assuming they’ve found the secret to a life of fulfillment.  

It takes a minute before I return to my center, the place inside me where I understand life to be unpredictable and poetic, full of nuance and surprise.  

Moving through our own evolution at our pace is how we grow in our happiness, contribute our best to the collective whole, and stumble upon success in such an organic way. 

The invitation to say yes! to being you is where the best adventures begin. 

It’s time to give yourself permission to experiment, play, and write the next chapters of joy and flourishing in your story. 

Let’s walk together, beholding the magic and mystery nestled within our lives. 

Who knows where the trail will lead? All I know is that I’m here for it – are you?

"I tried for so long to belong,

to be as they needed me to be. Now I wish to be myself.”

Sue Monk Kidd

"You must rewrite the story

that tells you how much happiness you are allowed to feel. You must go inward and decide how much life you will allow yourself to live.”

Brianna Wiest


The Quirky Stuff

Quick Facts

Fueled by morning runs

i bike my kids to school in my bakfiets

Nature is my therapy

BOoks are my love language

Cannon beach is my favorite tradition

Made home & my babies on 3 continents

convinced I'll live in europe again

flying freaks me out

standing at a crossroads?

It’s probably not the first time you’ve been here. Life is always presenting us with new and unexpected directions. Change, in its many forms, seems to greet us every morning. 

But I want to offer you a bit of encouragement in the ups and downs- trust yourself and your unfolding evolution. You belong in a state of absolute wonder and gratitude. 

Let’s learn together how to befriend the unknown, embrace uncertainty, and sit with our daunting fears so we can take delight in every step of this adventure.