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Inside My Adventure Bag// Four Questions to Ask Yourself

Today, I’m sharing four, deep, convicting questions that God has put before me over the past couple days and weeks. As I spend time with Him in answering these questions, He is helping me navigate this season in faith, uncover some unknown pockets of my soul, and renew my commitment to listen to and learn from people’s stories.

Adventure doesn’t have to be traveling the world, it starts by recognizing the path we walk is laden with discoveries to be made, revelations to remember, and beauty worthy of tucking away in our pockets for a lifetime.

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If you too are hungry for a real adventure I’d encourage you to sit with these four questions this weekend and see what comes up…

What’s My Canoe?//

“Addiction is a canoe on the Pacific. It may keep you afloat for a while, but at some point, you’re bound to be overturned. And if there were a luxury cruise liner nearby, wouldn’t you abandon ship? Wouldn’t you brave the icy waters for more secure and better appointed passage?

I don’t know about you, but I’m sinking my canoe in favor of a bigger, better vessel. And even if I find myself resurrected each morning in the hull of that tiny boat, I’ll commit to sinking again; I will brave the icy waters for the better boat. And perhaps again. And perhaps again.” Seth Haines, Coming Clean

The other morning I sat with a bowl of cereal and devoured what I had left of this book. We all have addictions that we are frightened to face, we don’t know what life would be like without it. The author gives us a front row seat to his own journey through the first 90 days of being sober. He shows us what it actually looks and feels like to leave behind our other lesser loves for the sake of experiencing life in all its fullness.

How Can I Listen to Understand Others?//

“Good listening starts with the scandalous premise that this conversation is not about you? Allow me to repeat myself: this conversation is not about you. Yet everything within us wants to make it about ourselves. It is an ever-present temptation, even if we are not aware of it. Perhaps especially if we are not aware of it…

Encourage the other person to keep talking, to take an idea further, to go deeper into a story, memory or emotion. Then you’re listening.” Adam S. McHugh, The Listening Life

We are all distracted people living in the constant hum of a busy world. We have all forgotten how to truly listen- listen to God, listen to people, and listen to our own lives. I have been reading big chunks of this book each morning and it is rich with challenging thoughts on how listening just might possibly be is the key to loving God, building healthy relationships and marriages, and being people who radiate the love of Jesus in our communities. Listening, friends, brings healing and restoration. Try it out this weekend, as you are talking with someone, ask them with a patient heart, “Tell me more about that…”


How have I tried to flatten my identity?//

“Social media has encouraged us to crop out the contradictions in ourselves. It has caused us to airbrush the parts of our lives we don’t love about ourselves. It has caused us to sweep our personalities – whether too big or too small- under a Moroccan Pinterest rug… when we wrap ourselves  in anything other than truth…we risk hiding our inherent, God-given, life-affirming selves. When we flatten our biggest selves to fit into tiny profile images…we risk wishing away the parts of us that make us unique.” Erin Loechner, Chasing Slow

Oh goodness yes. I feel the pull everyday to be someone other than who God has made me to be. It’s exhausting to live a flattened life, instead I’m asking God to give me a full life and show we where I’m trying to run, hide, or stuff away those not-so-picture worthy parts of myself. Breathe new life in us Jesus, make us beautiful, multi-faceted, radiant people who release ourselves and others from being perfect. Snag Chasing Slow if you need this reminder! (Also, I’m so excited to be featuring Erin on the blog next Friday!)

What projects, ideas, and dreams do I need to slow down, wait, or perhaps even stop?//

“If you walk too fast with a candle in your hands, the flame will blink right out. You have to take slow, measured steps, maybe even block the candle from the wind as you go.

So for now, I’ll walk slowly with the flame still lit and continue to ask my friend Jesus about the next step. I’ll believe he lives within me and speaks, even now, through his Word, his people, and my own deepest desires as I confess them in his presence.” Emily P. Freeman, On Making Plans and Hearing God’s Voice

It’s daring to stop when everyone says go, before it’s too late. It’s feel crazy to wait, when the dream wants to pop from your heart. It feels awkward to slow down, when most people take a few months to write books these days.
If we could only learn to follow His lead, embrace the mystery of the unknown, and surrender our plans I think Jesus would open the door to an unlikely, but beautiful adventure with Him. I always enjoy Emily’s heart for thoughtful, slow, soul-focused living.

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