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Inside My Adventure Bag


Every other week {or so} around here I share what I’ve been carrying in my adventure bag, as I like to call it. A small drawstring tote stuffed with treasures – reads and verses and thoughts – that keep my heart fit for exploring new paths with the Lord, listening intently to His voice, and taking creative, purposeful risks.

Similar to a bag you would take on a hike, it is filled with things that give me strength and joy for the adventure ahead. It’s contents nourish my heart and keep me focused on Jesus, ready to take steps out of my comfort zone as He invites…I pray they do the same for you. 

May you delight in the smallness of your life this weekend, noticing God in the wind + the trees, coming up with silly, wild things to try for the first time, and daring yourself to keep changing + transforming ever so slowly + gracefully into the woman God has called you to be.


Today You Are Here: Wind//by Greer Oharah  

“He comes like the wind. Turning up our carefully laid plans, messing up our days, beating at our door. Uncomfortable, disruptive, beyond our understanding.” 

Let Us Be Small//by Erin Loechner

“We are taught to think big. Go big or go home. Be large and in charge! But I’ve never really believed in the good of that. Give me the water. Let me hibernate, burrowed deep, thin skin and all. Let everything slow: the heartbeat, the breath. Let us be small.” 

How Not To Be A Spasmodic Hercules//by Kat Lee

“But I’ve been working on faithfulness because I’ve seen it’s power to transform. It’s not glamorous or sensational, but it always, always brings change.”


This week, I also put together the Hello Happy Change Guide: Six Days of Delighting in Different for us. What started as a 6 day email devotional series, turned into a printable, interactive guide to welcoming change with a smile! Change beckons us into the mysterious unknown, yet we are masters of clinging to certainty, reaching out for routine, and paving out a plan, instead of walking hand-in-hand with Jesus. I’m currently wading through personal changes and getting up close with fears in my life, but this time not begrudgingly, dragging my feet, but dancing in the goodness of God and letting His joy be my strength. Join me? Go here! You can find it and other free resources to empower us to step out of our comfort zones and into an adventure with Jesus on the blog!

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