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Inside My Adventure Bag


Every other week {or so} around here I share what I’ve been carrying in my adventure bag, as I like to call it. A small drawstring tote stuffed with treasures – reads and verses and thoughts – that keep my heart fit for exploring new paths with the Lord, listening intently to His voice, and taking creative, purposeful risks.

Similar to a bag you would take on a hike, my adventure bag is filled with things that give me strength and joy for the adventure ahead. It’s contents nourish my heart and keep me focused on Jesus, ready to take steps out of my comfort zone as He invites.

These are some words and things that God has been using to keep my feet walking steadily along his beautiful way + I know they’ll do the same for you:

The Pursuit of God: A 31-Day Experience, AW Tozer // A book I always keep with me, every page is full of deep truths from the Word and heart-sobering, soul-quieting wisdom.

Find Me, from Jonathan Helser’s new album Beautiful Surrender (due out soon!) // A music video taken in a canoe on a rainy day in a stream?! I’ve got it on repeat throughout the day. “Find me grateful, find me thankful, find me on my knees…” Yes.Yes.Yes.

How a 92-Year-Old Woman Taught Me the Real Value of My Right-Now Work, Marian Vischer // Her words had me crying in the kitchen, it is EXACTLY what the Lord has been gently speaking to me about for some time now. Hence the reason I wrote this post yesterday about finishing my book…finally.

And then I read and jotted down notes from this post by Ann Voskamp and remembered a million times again why adventure always begins in the quiet hallways of our home first and why laying down my book and putting away the scales are so darn important,  Theology can be talked about on Sundays, recorded at conferences – but it’s lived in kitchens or it dies at tables. Doctrine in the kitchen is doctrine in real life. Don’t belittle everyday pots and pans — they are the means to carry theology into the everyday of our lives.”

And a verse that jumped out at me, as if it was the first time I’d read it or heard about the pure sweetness of Jesus…maybe it will do the same to you too! Go take a peek at Psalm 36:7-9.

May your weekend be wrapped with delightful discoveries of God’s goodness, noticing all the ways He paints your life with His radiant shimmering love, beckoning you deeper out into the Mystery.

Love, Charissa

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