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Inside My Adventure Bag!

Every other week or so I will give you a peek into what I call my adventure bag. It is quite literally a bag I use to hold all of my current tools and resources {what I’m studying, learning, writing + reading} that keep me fit for exploring the unknown, taking tiny risks, and stepping out of my comfort zones!

It is joy to share with you how the Lord is teaching me as I know it will resonate with many of your hearts as well!

May you tuck away with Jesus this weekend, making space for Him to speak words of life that resurrect your soul and call you forth into a quiet adventure with Him.



The ability to rest and be quiet rather than struggling for what we want, is a sign of maturity as well as humility. SonicLight Commentary

1. Letting the Land Lie Fallow is a challenging and honest post by Erika Morrison that I’ve been re-reading and rolling over in my own heart. Over the past few months God’s been teaching me that it takes more courage to live quietly and work with my hands, than it does to live loud and run around doing good things. And I don’t know about you but I want to be courageous!

“In the midst of the neon-lit and noisy, 100 miles-per-hour insanity of our modern world, it took a tremendous amount of resolve to say “yes” to a season of fallowness, to [in]actively make my flesh fertile again. To become nutrient dense like the newborn baby I was invited to be born again as that day down by the river.

It took a tremendous amount of patience and intention to read my body and her symptoms like a map to my soul’s sickness, to the compacted group of affairs donating to my inner disease.”

2. This talk by Sara Hagerty had me crying in my bed late one night. She was speaking at a writer’s conference, but it has everything to do with each of us! Her words convicted me to make some big changes in my life by listening to The Voice that makes me come alive. You can have a listen here maybe while you’re in bed tonight, making dinner, or lounging in the bath. I especially love the parts about “tucking away with Jesus” and “what daddies and daughters do.”  (Scroll down here + you’ll see her name)

3. Also, I’ve been keeping this PDF in my bag, to remind me of the road trip that Jesus and I started back in May. Maybe you need to pull away too…perhaps you need permission to do things differently, or quiet down and get with Jesus, just you and Him, or explore the unknown again. I made this for me and you. If you’d like to join me and a bunch of women who are saying YES to a road trip with Jesus this summer, let me know your address here and I’ll send you a little surprise to your actual mailbox!

Here are a few treasures I’ve been mulling over these days…Psalm 131 on what it means to be like a weaned child + Galatians 5:25-26 on walking with the Spirit in every detail of our lives. 

And if you need a few simple ways to train your heart to trust God and take His hand this month, I created some adventure practices for us to incorporate into our everyday life. Get the July Adventure Practices here.

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