i’m nursing heartache today, here’s what I’m doing about it.

I nurse my cup of tea today like my heartache.

I wrap both my hands around it tenderly and with a firmness that communicates I won’t let you go.

These hands won’t abandon or drop you, don’t you worry.

Like the tea in my cup, I feel the warmth of my heart emanating out, filling my hands, my body full of fresh life.

I’m in awe of her ability to keep beating even when she feels beaten down.

I sip my cup of tea, practice savoring every drop.

I remind my heart there’s no rush to move on, take it slow, feel the ache.

Sip down the sorrow til the very last drop.


If you’re nursing some heartache today, you don’t need to explain yourself, but you must take care of yourself.

Buy the family of colorful flowers you’ve been eyeing, put them in some pots on your porch.

Lose yourself in your dreams, take the tiniest step towards one without overanalyzing it.

Feel the embrace of the blossoming trees and the open skies, you belong here.

Nap in the sunshine, let its generous rays melt away the disappointment.

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic lines of your favorite poets, they understand your complicated emotions better than anyone.

Let teardrops fall into your teacup, drink them back into your being like medicine.

Grab a pen, pour that shit out onto the page.

Be your own best friend.

Hop on your bike, while the wind rustles through your hair and you find your wild again.

Plan the trip to Paris or Portugal or Pennsylvania right now before you talk yourself out of it.

Water your houseplants, whisper your secret wishes to each of them.

Listen to Adele’s Water Under the Bridge on repeat.

Stand in the shower for a sob session, but wash your hair with wild apple blossom shampoo afterward.

Sit amongst the storytellers, muster up some childlike courage to believe in fairytales like you did when you were simple and six.

Lay in the grass, imagine your lover planting a million soft kisses all over your face.

Blow the 250 seeds off a dandelion head. Look at you, creating a garden of the most resilient flowers with just a little puff of air. Their invincible, lengthy taproot can flourish in some really nasty conditions…just like you.

Take 10 minutes to scribble out your personal list of remedies, realize the cures to your anguish really are endless.

Think to yourself, could it be true, that we exist in a Loving Universe, intent on offering us infinite opportunities to mend our heartache and find the magic even here?


“Loneliness is the substrate and foundation of belonging, the gravitational field that draws us home, and in the beautiful essence of its isolation, the hand reaching out for togetherness. To allow ourselves to feel fully alone is to allow ourselves to understand the particular nature of our solitary incarnation; to make aloneness a friend is to apprentice ourselves to the foundation from which we make our invitation to others.

Lonely human beings are lonely because they are made to belong.

The doorway is closer than we think. I am alone; therefore, I belong.”

—David Whyte, Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment, and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words

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