If You Think You Have Nothing To Offer.

Please don’t push away the pull you feel to create- to hover over the blank page, the naked canvas, or the damp earth.

I need your contribution, your perspective, your words, and your colors to infiltrate my being. Without you, I am only sensing a tiny speck of the world.

Please bring what’s within you to the table of the universe so we can all be fed by your colorful flair and flavors. I’m not alone in my request.

The trees reach for you with their strong and slender branches. Come into our embrace, let us teach you how to stand tall and confident and be who you are, they say.

The birds invite you to join them. They let you in on their secret.

Finding your voice is as simple and profound as opening up your mouth and slowly releasing the murmurs and melodies you’ve carried for too long.

The land beckons for you to explore her with the wonder of a child and in doing so find your own innate wildness again. Walk with care on her tender soil, let compassion guide you through her many terrains, and receive your smallness here as a sacred gift. Bloom alongside the happy little daisies, blow your seeds around with joyful generosity, and grow in seasonal spurts.

Don’t you feel it? Look around.

Everything is calling out to you. It’s why, no matter how hard you try to ignore it, you can’t seem to shake this intuitive knowing- you were born to keep the birthing process alive, to keep bringing beauty into our world. 

If you think you cannot create…

If you think your gifts are not necessary..

If you think your uniqueness is insignificant…

If you think you have nothing to offer…

Listen for a moment.

The repetitious longings you harbor in your heart and don’t tell anyone about, the unconventional ideas keeping you awake at night, and the pictures imprinting your soul with inspiration and energy, they are there to share the message.

Look around.

The whole earth waits with anticipation for your ambition to collide with your adventurous spirit, and for you to finally recognize it’s time to play.

And last, but not least, stare into the faces of your fellow humans, we need you.

Without the fullness of your presence in the world, we are lost, missing a piece of ourselves we are so desperate to know.

Please come, it’s time for us to create together.


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