If Today Is A Flop. (Here’s What To Do)

If today is a flop and it’s only 2 pm but you feel done, distracted, and distraught- it’s okay.

Close the screen. Put down the book. Leave the office. Walk out the front door. Head outside. Turn around and go home. Whatever you need to do to shut down and call it quits, do that.

You’re not a failure. You haven’t lost your mind. You aren’t lazy. (I promise! If you don’t believe me read Laziness Doesn’t Exist!)

You are merely having a moment. You need to reset and regroup.

Again, that’s okay.

In fact, we all probably need more days where we check out early. Times when we wave the white flag and surrender to our natural need to be, to simply exist, breathe, and stare into space.

The pull to be productive paves a long straight (boring!) path, yet we were made to meander through a more winding, wild, and unconventional way.

We don’t actually thrive when we measure our worth by how much we get done from dawn til dusk and how fast we improve and progress. We are at our very best when we don’t demand visible results in our days or push for monumental change in ourselves.

Stop, start, stop, start is a totally normal human experience. If you have a bit of whiplash don’t try to whip yourself into action and accomplish something great, instead embrace the whimsical nature of this erratic and enchanted life of yours.

If today is a flop, turn it into a fantastic celebration, and don’t let it phase you one bit!

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