If Life Isn’t Going As Planned. (Try This Instead)

You never thought your life would pan out this way.

You had lofty dreams of making a difference in the world and now your life (sometimes) feels like a sad song playing on repeat.

It feels like everyone else is singing and soaring, making sales, pitching projects, and birthing babies and businesses.

You look around and feel the sting of other people’s success. It burns your soul. It sets fire to any ounce of inspiration you thought you had.

When will it be your turn?

When will you have your breakthrough?

When will your career feel like it’s flourishing?

You fall asleep at night staring into the homes and hearts of humans around the globe, forgetting you don’t know what’s behind the glow.

The white-teeth smiles and constant positivity are a thick mask covering their secret addictions, battle scars, and endless aches.

They don’t know what the hell they’re doing either. Yes, they might chatter about fulfillment and happiness. They might bombard you with their self-proclaimed expertise or seven-figure business success stories, but it doesn’t change the fact that…

They are human too.

There is not one person on this planet who isn’t faking it, who hasn’t said FUCK IT ALL, who hasn’t felt like a failure.

It’s part of the package of being present in these imperfect bodies.

You can pressure yourself to find a purpose and quick. You can idealize everyone else’s position or influence. You can worry about how much time has passed and how far you still need to go…

Or you can toss the timelines,

Pause your pursuit of perfection and peace,

Strip away the rules,

Play with your innovative ideas,

Lower the bar,

Redefine every triggering term such as success and friendship and meaning,

Enter the chaos of your one crazy life,

Because you are a wandering artist,

Comfortable with all the colorful paints and unexpected detours that come your way,

And figuring it out as you go seems to be the funnest (or most adventurous!) way to stumble upon jaw-dropping vistas and accidental masterpieces.

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