I am an adventurer {& why you are too!}

I continually have to remind myself that I am an adventurer.

A traveler, explorer, pioneer, explorer, and seeker. A woman who is not afraid to take risks or embrace an adventure. I am. I am. I am.

But more often than not … I feel like a sissy, a wimp, a killjoy, and a stick-in-the-mud. And my days, well, they don’t exactly fit the day of an adventurer. But if I let these feelings take over I end up depressed and defeated.

That’s because God created me to be an adventurer and life with Him to be the adventure.


Whether we admit it or not, deep down we all crave adventure. We want to be brave, take risks, do the impossible, and chart new paths into the unknown. Yes?!

As followers of Jesus, we don’t have to go looking for adventure though. It comes into our lives the moment we say yes to His invitation to follow Him.

Everyday God brings seemingly impossible circumstances, opportunities to be brave in our own skin, and invitations to explore the unknown with Him.

We are adventurers. We do ourselves a favor to remind ourselves of this daily, otherwise we will forget and we will miss out. 

Will you accept your identity as an adventurer today? Will you check yourself out of the rat-race of this rushed world and into the rugged, beautiful terrain of an adventure with Jesus?


If we accept this identity as an adventurer we begin to…

awake each day with a sense of expectancy and excitement. I wonder where God will lead me today?

create space to hear God’s voice and spend time exploring the depths of His heart.

weave little acts of faith into our everyday lives, awakening to God’s reality in our midst.

practice shaking off fear daily, and instead step towards that which frightens us the most.

risk failure because ultimately we know that adventures (even failed ones!) help us to trust Jesus more.

Will you join me in stepping into our adventure shoes each morning…preparing our hearts, readying our souls, and also nourishing our bodies for following Jesus into a real adventure that brings us the full and abundant life He promised?


Before I close, I want to give you a non-glorified version of my day, in hopes that you will be encouraged- adventure with God isn’t what we see on national geographic or the travel channel.

Adventure doesn’t only belong to the brave ones who move to another country without any belongings or the spontaneous folks who pack up their lives in a van to see the world.

Adventure happens in the most unlikely of places…in our hearts and in our homes.

Today my seemingly impossible circumstance was simply getting out of bed. I know, sounds lame right? But sometimes we need to just praise God for His new grace and fresh love to not only get us through, but motivate us to move to the rhythms of His Spirit that day.

Today I chose to be brave by loading my children up in my bike trailer and going to meet up with friends. I knew my two toddlers would be energetic and distracting{and annoying!}, but I also knew I needed to go anyway, my soul starved for connection.

Today, I was invited to explore the unknown with God as He changed up my well-laid out plans with His perfect timing.

Today, I took a risk too, I loved. I opened up my heart in honesty with friends and gave my time and energy to loving my family.


It’s probably not what you expected from a girl who calls herself an adventurer.

But that’s just it. You and me, we are adventurers, whether it looks like our definition or not.

If we choose to walk with God, then we can be guaranteed that some days look like simple feats, while others call for a courageous exploits we didn’t know we could handle.

Saying yes to Jesus is saying yes to the adventure He has for you- be it walking to your neighbors with fresh cookies and a smile, making space in your home for a refugee, or leaving behind familiarity to face life in a new country.

Let’s whisper to our heart today,”I am an adventurer with God…”

Then let that truth sink in and change your perspective on your day and your life.