Abiding with Jesus

How To Fly {+ The New Winter Collection!}

When I step onto an airplane, I put on my brave face. But beneath my tight smile fear lurks, causing my heart to flutter and my palms to get cold and clammy.

I’ve flown across continents more times than I can count, and I never get used to it. I expect to be afraid. I’m familiar with the dark paths of my imagination, and I anticipate all the gruesome thoughts that stream through my head even days before I fly anywhere.

I know how the routine goes.

As I’ve heard it said, “Fear is boring.”

The fear always tries to conquer me. But it hasn’t won yet.

I’ve been practicing and perfecting the only strategy I know to keep fear from wrangling its wiry fingers around me…

Listening to God’s voice.

Hearing him isn’t at all like calling up a friend on my phone. It takes time and intentional practice to learn what God sounds like.

His voice is strong and steady, a melody of peace. His words ignite confidence in my heart. His voice makes me sigh and smile, resting deeply in the truth of who He is and what He says about me. His voice guides me through the war zones of my mind, trampling over fear, and soon I find myself flying again. His voice sounds not even remotely close to fear.

“I’ve got you,” He whispers and I picture the fiery glimmer in his eyes.

My fear of flying, makes me want to run and hide, to find safety and security on solid ground, or at least assume the fetal position in my husband’s lap, but never once have I not walked onto a plane.

Because I know… if God’s got me, then I can fly.


My husband knows how to write a love letter. The most elaborate one I received was when we were dating, well actually it was a few months after we had broken up {for the third time!} and he was trying to win me back once and for all.

It was over 20 pages back and front {no joke!}, not including an introduction page with steps I had to follow, and even a movie I was instructed to watch before responding to him.

This love letter won me over…finally.

His perfectly sloppy handwriting on light pink paper, tucked into an envelope, changed me. As I read the words, taking them in slowly, my trust returned, even greater than before.

I had never, never in all my life, read something so raw and romantic. At times I had to stop and breathe before going onto the next page. More than a letter it was a story, a gut-wrenching romance.

Page after page describing in detail who he was, his unyielding pursuit of me, and a yearning for a response.

Over time, he proved the love letter was genuine. It’s as if he peeled the love off the paper and put flesh on it, meeting me in the daily routines of our crazy life together in Vienna.

Not only did trust return, but our intimacy grew.

Holding hands felt like unreal,  I kept trying to figure out the magic behind it. Our first kiss made me so weak I could hardly walk back to the car. His hugs were better than a warm blanket on a cold winter morning.

Fear choked, as our love grew wild and suddenly we began to fly together.

And now, seven years into marriage, my husband’s love gently guides me into new territory and exciting adventures. Our love breeds in me a confidence to try the impossible, welcome failure, and see the miraculous even in the muck of everyday.

Although it doesn’t always take the form of chaptered love letters, his love is intricately woven throughout our marriage. But I must listen to his love. When I forget, my old friend fear creeps in and tries to make us crash.

Fears says run and hide, find a safe place, a place of assurance and identity, anywhere but here. Settle outside of his arms, he doesn’t really love you.

But I know he does.

When my husband and I feel like we are on different planets even though we’re in the same house, when we forgot to make eye contact, or kiss each other on the lips, I look for the love letters, and I always find them. Fear is crushed and we take flight again.


Love takes you and I up. We rise above adversity. We stand strong in hope when the sorrow looms. We shine light from a hilltop in the valley of the darkest nights. Love births a new perspective within.

Love takes us out. We step into what scares us. We travel along unknown trails with pure, childlike curiosity. Our lives open up to the eternal expanse of his grace. The door to adventure swings wide and we run through freely with arms swinging in delight.

When we listen to love, we can’t help but respond by taking God’s hand and leaping over the edge of our greatest fears and unknowns. His love letters are hidden in every corner of our day, in every pocket of the world.

All of life is strewn with opportunities to grow in our trust and cultivate an intimacy with Him that makes us weak in the knees.

Welcome to the adventure of abiding. You are safe here. You don’t need to put on your brave face.

You don’t have to go anywhere, stop here, linger and listen in, nestle up close to the heartbeat of your Lover, he’s got so much to share with you.

Invitations into the impossible await.

Are you ready? What is your response? 

Tomorrow the Art of Adventure winter collection is ready for you!

The Good Morning, Beautiful Journal: 40 days of Love Letters was created to launch you out into this beautiful adventure of abiding with Jesus, to recapture your romance with Him, to clear away the distractions and other loves, and hear His sweet invitations to take His hand and walk with Him into a heart-stopping, breathtaking love adventure.

The Walking in Wonder 2017 Calendar was created for the purpose of bringing simple adventures into your everyday, the whole year through!

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See you tomorrow!

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